BA in Management: Human Resources Management

The bachelor of arts (BA) in Management with an emphasis in human resource management degree will cover basic management theory, the functions of management, and internal and external aspects bearing on managerial activities, as well as focuses specifically on human resource management.

Your studies will cover economic activity and growth, determination of income, employment, output, inflation, aggregate demand and supply, money and banking, monetary and fiscal policies, and international economic issues as well as pricing and output, competition and monopoly, government regulation, current economic problems, and international economic developments.

You will study the relationship between management and employees; principles of dealing with the human factor to maximize the individual's fulfillment and the productive efficiency of the firm through sound procurement, development, and utilization of the firm's employees; and labor-management relations.

Federal legislation affecting personnel management and labor-management relations, including pre-1890 legislation, the Sherman Act, the Clayton Act, the Norris LaGuardia Act, the Wagner Act, the Labor-Management Relations Act of 1947 and 1950 amendments, Occupational Safety and Health Act, Equal Employment Opportunity, and Affirmative Action will also be covered.

Analysis of the labor market, insights into socioeconomic-political institutions that influence wage and salary administration, methods of building an adequate and equitable compensation package in order to attract and retain competent employees, reward for merit and accomplishments, and providing incentives for development is also part of this major.

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