BA in Management: International Business

The bachelor of arts (BA) in Management with an emphasis in international business degree will cover basic management theory, the functions of management, and internal and external aspects bearing on managerial activities, as well as focuses specifically on international business.

Your studies will cover economic activity and growth, determination of income, employment, output, inflation, aggregate demand and supply, money and banking, monetary and fiscal policies, and international economic issues as well as pricing and output, competition and monopoly, government regulation, current economic problems, and international economic developments.

You will examine the environment and operations of international management. Topics include the globalization of business, strategic planning for the multinational, global, and transnational organizations, multinational structure, foreign subsidiary coordination and control, and special issues concerning expatriate employees.

You will be exposed to several aspects of international marketing. These will include the international marketing mix; product, pricing, distribution, and promotion; as well as emerging issues in international trade, such as trading blocs, trade barriers, and standardization/adaptation.

You will also examine the theories, policies, and instruments of international trade and consider trade integration. Course content also focuses on the foreign exchange market and balance of payments in international trade. Macropolicies in open economies, such as flexible exchange rates and the nature of world money, are examined. Theories and policies of foreign direct investment are also covered.

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