BA/BS in Mathematics

Today, companies want people who can work independently to problem solve. Webster's bachelor degree in Mathematics will enable you to come up with the right answers, using skills you'll perfect in our theoretical and applied math courses.

Students preparing for a career in industries concentrating on analytical problem solving or who are preparing for graduate school in a mathematical science generally choose the bachelor of science degree. It is also a good second major if you plan to work in computer science, economics, electrical or mechanical engineering, physics, chemistry or management science.

If you want a traditional mathematics degree that will lead you to a career in teaching, industry, business or government, then a bachelor of arts Mathematics degree is your best choice. It is also a great second major if you are interested in a career in social sciences, business, humanities or fine art.

More than number crunching and memorization, Webster's bachelor degrees in Mathematics teach you about relationships, patterns and logic while providing you with analytical skills that can be used in a variety of professions. The fastest growing jobs in Math these days are actuaries, cryptographers, economists, financial analysts, mathematicians, operations research analysts, personal financial advisors, statisticians and teachers in grades ranging from kindergarten to high school.

Points of Distinction

  • Classes are limited to 25 students, and junior or senior level math courses often have fewer than 10 students for individualized instruction.
  • Math majors with a second major in Education are often hired by the districts where they did their student teaching, following certification.
  • Interesting internships are available at places like the Saint Louis Science Center and Scottrade as well as at public and private middle and high schools.

Degree Requirements

BA in Mathematics: A minimum of 128 credit hours consisting of 40 required credit hours, applicable university global citizenship or general education program hours, and electives. At least 18 of the required 33 mathematics credit hours must be taken at Webster University. MTHT courses may not be used for the mathematics major. Review the program requirements for details.

Additional Information