BM: Music Composition

Student musicians who have focused on developing their talent will find many opportunities in the department of Music. At Webster University, the bachelor of music (BM) with emphasis in composition is a program that prepares students for professional careers in music with a focus on pre-professional training. 

Webster students take courses in music theory and history, performance pedagogy and literature and conducting. Studying with outstanding artists and faculty who are professionally involved in the music community, undergraduates hone their talent through eight semesters of lessons on a primary instrument. Students perform in recitals, play in large or small ensembles and learn to compose and orchestrate pieces.

BM students may elect to study abroad for a semester in Vienna, which is one of the world's oldest musical capitals. There are also numerous guest master classes, performances on campus and musical events and activities within the larger community of Saint Louis in which student musicians may become involved.

Undergraduates in this program present a senior composition recital and participate in numerous ensembles, including the New Music Ensemble. The composition program includes at least six semesters of study in music composition. The program's primary focus is contemporary concert music, although you will explore many other styles and technologies such as jazz, electronic, computer, and MIDI applications. Film scoring is also part of the program.

(Note: As part of the Webster application process, students planning to major or minor in music will also audition with the department.)

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