BA in Political Science

If you are interested in politics, history, law or government, the political science field might be right for you. Webster University's political science program lets students examine political institutions and the social, cultural and economic forces which reinforce and shape them.

As a political science student, you'll hone your analytical and problem-solving abilities and improve your communication skills. Undergraduates are able to evaluate the international and transnational dimensions of policies and put contemporary political issues in historical context to build persuasive political arguments.

Featuring courses in American government, comparative politics, international relations, political theory and foreign policy, the political science undergraduate program allows for selecting several open electives. In addition to providing a solid foundation for continuing on to graduate school, Webster students who study political science find exciting careers in government, law, business, education or politics.

Points of Distinction

  • Because the political science program is housed in a combined department, political science students get exposure to relevant work in history, international relations, and human rights.
  • Webster University’s campuses in England, Austria, Switzerland, and The Netherlands provide excellent offerings in history and international relations with recognized scholars in their fields.
  • With a class size of 25 students, students receive personalized attention from faculty.
  • Classes eschew studying eras for in-depth explorations of specific topics with expert faculty at the helm.

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