BA/BS in Psychology

As a psychology student at Webster University, you will have the opportunity to study the specific issues, theories and science of the discipline and also attain an understanding of the complexity and diversity of human behavior.

To achieve this, you will use approaches that range from the scientific to the philosophical, from the experimental to the theoretical. Through these methods you will develop and apply problem-solving skills that will help you think analytically and to communicate clearly and persuasively throughout your life and career.

Approaches to Psychology

Our friendly, professionally experienced faculty specialize in a variety of areas that will allow you to approach psychology from several different perspectives, including:

  • Biological and Evolutionary perspectives: The roles of biological processes, structures, and inherited tendencies in explaining human behavior;
  • Clinical and Counseling perspectives: The diagnosis and treatment of mental, behavioral disorders, and adjustment problems;
  • Lifespan Development perspectives: Examination of how individuals grow, develop, and change throughout the lifespan;
  • Learning and Cognitive perspectives: Examination of the mental processes and environmental situations that underlie, shape, and control behavior;
  • Social and Cross-Cultural perspectives: The roles of social and cultural influences on behavior.

Skills and Methods

You will also develop learn advanced research methods, such as the advanced analysis of statistical techniques, research methodology and psychological testing. Throughout your studies, our faculty will help you:

  • Develop analytical skills;
  • Integrate theoretical knowledge with practical experience; and
  • Build competencies for specific career objectives or specific areas of interest.


Webster Psychology graduates pursue a wide variety of post-graduate opportunities. Some pursue careers in teaching, social service, nonprofit organizational settings or corporations, while others are preparing for admission to graduate and professional training programs.

Additional Information