BA in Religion and Global Society

Religious Studies is an academic discipline in which you'll study the religious systems of the world (large and small, past and present) in their socio-historical contexts and critically examine the phenomenon of religion as it relates to issues of personal meaning and international affairs. At Webster University, we encourage you to explore contemporary issues in an open, sharing atmosphere.

We see the religions of the world as complex, living traditions, not simply history and scripture. We study all forms of expression of the religious life -- myth, art, meditation, ritual, ideas, festivals, mysticism -- whether the expression is found in individual feelings or in historical traditions like Buddhism or Christianity.

We do not consider religious experiences or ideas to be right or wrong. Rather, we try to understand religious expressions within the cultures of the world, and we try to understand religious expressions as resources by which we can find meaning in our lives today. As an international university, Webster has students with roots in all of the major religious traditions of the world. Thus, a respect for the views of others is mandatory.

Religious Studies majors have pursued a wide range of careers and graduate studies including ministry, social work, education, social action and business. Many students who major in religious studies also major in other departments.

Points of Distinction

  • Develop practical and ethical skills by doing field projects in which alternative practices and beliefs are encountered
  • Achieve individual, creative excellence through individualized assignments enabled through the online technology
  • Opportunities for international study at our campuses in Geneva, Switzerland; London, United Kingdom; Vienna, Austria; Leiden, the Netherlands; and Thailand and China.

Degree Requirements

This degree has a minimum of 128 credit hours consisting of the following: 30 required credit hours in religious studies,12 required credit hours in arts and sciences courses, applicable university global citizenship or general education program hours, and electives. For more information, review the Undergraduate Catalog.

Additional Information