MA in Communication Arts

Perhaps you're interested in exploring methods to integrate students into mainstream classes through inclusive education or learning about educational technology designed to excite kids and enhance their learning experiences. Webster's Master of Arts degree in Communication Arts provides the opportunity to choose one of 11 emphasis areas and develop creative methods to reach and teach specific student populations. You can even study theoretical and practical developments that will help you teach English as a second language.

Communication Arts students are encouraged to learn by doing and, by doing, expand those skills essential to their professional growth. Courses and experiences in communications allow you to earn state certification, explore career alternatives, and enhance your professional standing. Selected courses in the Communication Arts major are available online that enable you to earn your master's degree from anywhere in the world.

Degree emphasis areas include: Aesthetic Education, Educational Technology, General Communication Arts, Inclusive Education, International Languages and Cultures, Language Arts, Media Literacy, Reading, Teaching English as a Foreign Language (online only), Teaching English as a Second Language (also online only), and Writing.

Points of Distinction

  • Experienced faculty provide students with the knowledge, experiences, and practical tools that help them guide both themselves and others toward life-long learning.
  • Personalized approaches create a challenging, yet supportive environment that permits the risk-taking necessary for learning and growth.
  • Thought and action process underscores the development of an inner-directed self-understanding, an outer-directed global perspective, and an appreciation of human diversity that arises from both.

Academic Program

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