Job growth for Professional Counselors

Counselors in High Demand

The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects above-average growth of employment rates for mental health counselors and marriage and family therapists. As more insurance policies expand to cover mental health counseling services, the demand for professional counselors is expected to increase.

U.S. Bureau of Labor & Statistics

Webster's Counseling degree program is designed to prepare individuals for a career in professional counseling. The curriculum combines classroom education and hands-on field experience to provide you with the theory and skills you need to work with individuals, couples, families, and children in a variety of mental health settings.

Our diverse faculty are practicing clinicians who take a real-world approach to learning and guide students in developing the cultural awareness necessary to serve the needs of a rapidly changing population.

You'll gain a strong foundation in theories of human behavior, personality development, human resilience, wellness, exceptional abilities, addictions, and learning processes, and you'll learn how to describe, identify, and examine the nature and needs of individuals at all developmental levels. Through specialized coursework, you can explore a variety of topics within the counseling field like addiction and substance abuse; disaster response, trauma, and crisis counseling; and human sexuality.

The student learning outcomes for the master's degree in Counseling support the development of students as competent counselors in training. Our professional graduate degree program is divided into the following areas of emphasis with unique course requirements for each:

  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling - Primary emphasis pursued by Webster students. This curriculum is for persons wanting to practice all types of counseling.
  • Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling - Provides instruction in core counseling with additional coursework in working with couples, families and children. This emphasis is for persons wishing to work primarily with families. It is a specialty form of counseling and typically requires a longer path toward licensure and works with a smaller market.
  • Community Counseling - Provides a general counseling curriculum. It is for persons desiring to work in community settings.
  • Family Life Counseling - Specialty degree program created for our US Army chaplains.
*Please inquire about available emphasis at different campus locations.

Points of Distinction

  • The professional counseling program is available at 21 Webster campuses nationwide, as well as internationally in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Classes are limited to a maximum of twenty students to create an ideal environment for learning, interaction, and discovery.
  • Students complete a clinical counseling field experience, gaining hands-on training.
  • Webster University enjoys a 30-year track record in preparing students for successful careers in the counseling profession.
  • With more than 9,000 counseling students and alumni, Webster's counseling program has distinguished itself as a leader in mental health education.

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