MA in Education for Global Sustainability

One of the defining challenges of the twenty-first century is how to transform human societies to meet everyone's needs while preserving the natural environment upon which we rely.

The Master of Arts (MA) in Education for Global Sustainability at Webster University is an advanced degree program for educators, formal and informal, who seek knowledge and understanding of sustainability in the context of education. The program motivates educators to clarify their role as responsible citizens, participate in voice and action as leaders and change agents working toward a sustainable future.

Webster's Education for Global Sustainability employs theoretical, experiential, and problem-based learning. This MA builds awareness of environmental, economic, political, human rights and social justice issues at all levels: personal, local, and global.

Points of Distinction

The MA in Education for Global Sustainability acknowledges Webster University's fourth core value: "Educate a diverse population locally, nationally and internationally, acting responsibly toward the environment to foster a sustainable future and strengthening the communities we serve."

Candidates completing the MA in Education for Global Sustainability will:

  • Demonstrate understanding of sustainability int he context of education and their application and practice in P12 schools or other organizations
  • Assume roles of leadership that transform schools or organizations to be models of sustainable living
  • Connect curriculum and learning to real-world challenges and community/world issues
  • Collaborate with community members of multiple perspectives to achieve goals and partnerships for sustainable schools or organizations
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the rights and responsibilities of global citizenship
  • Discover and employ technology and social media that support learning and social change

Academic Program

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