EdS in Educational Leadership

Schools are facing a critical shortage of administrators. An EdS in Educational Leadership from Webster University will build on your teaching, curriculum, and support services background and encourage you to think outside the box, seek solutions to challenges in schooling to make the world different, and find the courage to do what is best for all students.

It is an ideal way to earn an advanced degree while preparing for the state assessment. Coursework, research, and internship experiences prepare you for positions of greater responsibility and influence.

The EdS is offered with three areas of emphasis: educational leadership, school systems superintendency and leadership, and technology leadership. It can be earned in 33 credit hours and in two and a half years, if you attend one class per term.

Students wishing to combine the EdS program with the certification program must work with their advisor and EdS faculty to meet certification requirements and document performance. Students in the school systems superintendency and leadership major can work toward a superintendent certificate. After successful completion of state-required assessment activities, students can apply for administrative certification.

Points of Distinction

  • Webster University's worldwide context provides insight on global teaching advancements and techniques.
  • Webster University's WorldClassRoom offer courses and programs that you can participate in any time of day or night; from anywhere you have a computer with Internet access, such as work, home, or the library.
  • Faculty work on the leading edge of school administration and lead by example, promoting creative thinking to advance the quality of education for all students.

Academic Program

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