Master of Educational Technology (MET)

Advances in technology have revolutionized teaching. Computers, electronic communication, Web-based learning tools, streaming video, hundreds of software choices, and a limitless combination of hardware systems make it necessary to keep up-to-date and understand your options, whether you're providing corporate training or classroom instruction.

The Master of Educational Technology (MET) degree enables you to develop multiple literacies and to foster creative thinking using technology and multimedia. You'll learn how to develop learner-centered and content-centered projects and assessments. You'll acquire the 21st century learning skills to creatively apply, assess, and reflect on technologies and media in formal and informal learning environments. And you will learn to view technology and media as vehicles for learning, communication, and collaboration.

Points of Distinction

  • Webster University's worldwide context provides insight on technological advancements and techniques from around.
  • Webster University's WorldClassRoom offers courses and programs that you can participate in any time of day or night; from anywhere you have a computer with Internet access, such as work, home, or the library.
  • Faculty work on the leading edge of curriculum design and technology integration; each of the courses has been developed using an innovative, constructivist pedagogy.

Academic Program

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