GMA in International Relations

Webster University's Global MA in International Relations provides full-time graduate students an opportunity to complete a master's degree in Europe and Asia in just 11 months. Students learn from faculty who are experts in many facets of international relations like international law, peace studies and human rights, and economics.

All courses are taught in English. Each year, three different cohorts consisting of 8-12 international relations students study abroad together for 11 months at each international Webster campus. They spend an eight-week term in each of the following countries: Geneva, Switzerland; Leiden, The Netherlands; London, England; Vienna, Austria; and one eight-week term in Bangkok, Thailand or Beijing, China. Housing needs are coordinated through the program.

Graduate students are able to complete the GMA program in 11 months because of the full-time, accelerated nature of the course offerings and program structure. The GMA curriculum combines traditional classroom courses with a professional seminar component, which presents opportunities such as visiting international organizations like the International Criminal Court and the United Nations Office at Geneva.

Points of Distinction

  • This one-of-a-kind program offers students the chance to earn a master's degree on multiple continents in just 11 months.
  • Students experience unique immersion opportunities in the Professional Seminar course, such as visits to the United Nations, OPEC, European Parliament, World Trade Organization, International Committee for the Red Cross, and International Court of Justice.
  • Students reap the benefits of a one-year membership to Chatham House, a world-renowned think tank based in London.
  • Webster arranges housing accommodations for all Global MA students and housing during each eight-week term of study is included in the program cost.
  • The program now includes an opportunity for select GMAIR students to study in Havana, Cuba.

Academic Program

To finish this program in 11 months (five 8-week terms), students must fulfill the distribution requirements for the major. To make sure that Global Master of Arts in International Relations students complete the degree requirements and to serve the other IR students at our campuses, we have to plan the rotation of courses carefully. In most cases, GMA students will study together as a cohort in classes that are chosen to make sure they meet all degree requirements by the final summer term. More information is available in the program requirements.

Additional Information