MA in International Human Rights

Are you passionate about being involved in a world where all persons are valued and respected? You can help create positive change with Webster University's Master of Arts (MA) in International Human Rights in London, England.

Webster University is a leader in human rights education. Courses are taught by faculty from across the Webster community, and students have opportunities to interact with human rights practitioners and scholars affiliated with leading non-governmental organizations, think tanks, state governments, and United Nations offices.

The Master of Arts (MA) in International Human Rights program takes an interdisciplinary approach to human rights in practice, utilizing the contributions of divers disciplines such as international public policy, international law, global business, and international organizations to give students a broad conception of human rights practice for careers in these disciplines.

Points of Distinction

The MA goes beyond a narrow legalistic approach: students will examine the international process of human rights protection and advocacy, including the nature of the international order, the relationship between human rights and sovereignty of states, and the problems of intervention and resource distribution.

Upon completion of the program students will be able to:

  • Identify the fields, theories, history, and major actors that underpin international human rights in practice.
  • Critically analyze and assess human rights practice in international affairs, business, and advocacy.
  • Evaluate the consequences of the political and moral choices of a wide range of actors that impact on the realization of human rights.
  • Apply their theoretical knowledge to contemporary issues in human rights.
  • Recognize cultural differences and how they contribute to the debates surrounding human rights.
  • Explain how the forces of globalization can contribute to and detract from the realization of human rights.
  • Communicate findings through presentations, research papers and independent research project or thesis.

Academic Program

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