MA in Mathematics for Educators

Staffing classrooms with highly qualified mathematics teachers has become a national priority. Webster University offers a master's degree program consisting of advanced mathematics courses designed for middle school, secondary school and community college teachers.

Webster's M.A. in Mathematics for Educators generates classroom teachers who deeply understand the mathematics they teach and are able to effectively interact with students in order to maximize their mathematical knowledge.

In each course, students will develop a deeper understanding of central ideas in mathematics that are relevant to their own teaching. They will increase their own power to employ mathematical reasoning and problem-solving techniques, and they will learn strategies for teaching mathematics that will stimulate their own students' imagination and intelligence.

By providing students with the experience of learning mathematics in an interesting, growth-producing environment, the goal is they will always be enthusiastic learners and teachers of mathematics.

Points of Distinction

  • Small classes
  • Outstanding faculty
  • Relevant mathematics
  • Focus on general problem-solving strategies
  • Interesting elementary applications of mathematics
  • Effective teaching behaviors modeled by instructors

Academic Program

Additional Information