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Memphis: Fall I Schedule


Term: August 19–October 18, 2019

All schedules are subject to change without notice until the term is in session.

Course Sec Course Description Instructor Days
INTB 5000 45 International Business Gardner T
MNGT 5910 45 Ethical and Legal Issues in Management Kail M
Project Management Certificate    
MNGT 5910 45 Introduction to Project Management Ross M
BUSN 5760 45 Applied Business Statistics Dr. Richardson M
Master of Arts in Human Resources Management
HRMG 5700 45 Employment Law Kail W
HRMG 5800 45 Staffing and Selection Dr. Marshall R
HRMG 5920 45 Compensation Byrd T
Master of Arts in Information Technology Management
ITM 5100 45 Information and Communications Systems and Networks Dr. Sullivan R
ITM 5300 45 Procurement and Contract Management WebNet+ T
Master of Arts in Management and Leadership
MNGT 5000 45 Management Southall R
MNGT 5670 45 Managerial Leadership Dr. Edwards R
Master of Business Administration
BUSN 5600 45 Accounting Theory and Practice Bell M
BUSN 5760 45 Accounting Theory and Practice Dr. Richardson M
BUSN 6110 45 Operations and Project Management Ross T
BUSN 6110 45 Managerial Economics Gardner R
FINC 5000 45 Finance Williams W
Registration Dates: April 8–August 16, 2019
Last Day to ADD/DROP: August 23, 2019
Last Day to Withdraw: September 27, 2019
Fall 1 Petition to Graduate Due: August 12, 2019
December Toast: Celebration for Mid-Year Graduates at the Main Campus: December 2019

Fall 1 Book List