Course Schedule Fall I | Memphis | Webster University

Memphis: Fall I Schedule

Term: August 20–October 19, 2018

All schedules are subject to change without notice until the term is in session.

Course Sec Course Description Instructor Days
MNGT 5910  MP Ethical and Legal Issues in Management Kail
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Project Management Certificate    
BUSN 5100 45 Introduction to Project Management Ross
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BUSN 5760 45 Applied Business Statistics WebNet+ W
Master of Arts in Human Resources Management
HRMG 5700   Employment Law Kail W
HRMG 5800 45 Staffing and Selection WebNet+ M
HRMG 5920 45 Compensation (6 pm–10pm) Dr. Marshall
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Master of Arts in Information Technology Management
ITM 5600 MP  ITM Security Sullivan
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Master of Arts in Management and Leadership
MNGT 5000 45 Management WebNet+ M
MNGT 5650 45 Management and Strategy WebNet+ R
Master of Business Administration
BUSN 5600 45 Accounting Theory and Practice Dr. Thomas M
BUSN 6110 45  Operations and Project Management Ross
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BUSN 6120 45 Managerial Economics Gardner
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BUSN 5760 45  Applied Business Statistics WebNet+ W
FINC 5000 45 Finance Williams
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Registration Dates: April 4–August 20, 2018
Last Day to ADD/DROP: September 7, 2018
Last Day to Withdraw: September 28, 2018
Spring 2 Petition to Graduate Due: August 12, 2018
December Toast: Celebration for Mid-Year Graduates at the Main Campus: December 14, 2018