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Memphis Graduation

NSA Mid-South Commencement

The Commencement ceremony will be held at the NSA Mid-South Conference Center on the North side of Navy Road.  It is located in Bldg. N 767 Attu Street.  The ceremony will be held on Friday, May 17 at 1 pm.  It combines Webster University graduates with other colleges and universities on the Navy Base.  The ceremony will be about an hour.  Please RSVP by Monday April 10, 2019, to ensure that your name will be included in the program.

The Ceremony - It is imperative that you check in as you arrive so we can give you instructions about the ceremony and to ensure that your name is read during the ceremony.  Please don’t depend on our memory, check in with the Webster Staff.

Commencement Schedule:

9:30 am: Rehearsal
noon: Graduate Check In
12:30 pm: Line up
1 pm: Ceremony Begins   

Order Regalia

Extended Campus Graduates Regalia – In order to participate in the graduation ceremony, regalia (cap, gown, hood and tassel) is required. To order your regalia from Jostens call or order online by April 7 -

Announcements and class rings for graduation are available at