Graduate Certificate in Government Contracting

Important Announcement

After much effort and consideration, it is with regret that Webster University announces that we will not be seeking additional equivalencies with the current DAU CON courses using Webster's Government Contracting certificate program.  Establishing equivalency with all the Level I and II DAU CON classes is a huge undertaking.  The changes to DAU courses and equivalency requirements, plus academic restrictions means that Webster can not update the certificate in Government Contracting program to meet both DAU requirements and the requirements needed for a graduate academic program.  Webster is currently reviewing options to establish additional equivalencies using an alternative program.  For now, Webster courses have equivalency with CON 100 (combination of PROC 5000, 5830 and 5840) and CON 216 (PROC 5890).

Please know we have spent considerable time and effort in an attempt to use the certificate program to meet the current DAU CON requirements.  We regret that equivalency can not be accomplished using the current Webster courses and apologize for any convenience this has caused.   Also, please understand that the certificate program is still a valuable educational achievement.  Even though the equivalency recognition is less than before, it provides a comprehensive background in government contracting and is a worthy educational goal.  If you are considering this program, please connect with a Webster campus near you or the main campus academic advising office (800-982-3847).

This decision only impacts new/additional equivalencies with DAU CON courses using the certificate program courses.  All other DAU programs, including the DAU Cooperative Degree Program, the Senior Service College Fellowship Cooperative Degree Program, and transferring DAU courses with graduate ACE recommendations remain the same. 


Government Contracting Certificate Program

The certificate program in government contracting is designed to provide a comprehensive background in government contracting. The curriculum requires 18 credit hours of specialized courses in contracting, acquisitions management, pricing, negotiations, and procurement law. This program can be beneficial for someone new to the contracting field who wants to learn the basics about the contracting process or for the more experienced contractor looking to advance his or her contracting knowledge and skills.

Currently the Government Contracting certificate program also has equivalency with CON 100 (using PROC 5000, 5830 and 5840) and CON 216 (using PROC 5890). The courses can also be used to meet 18 hours of the 24-hour business requirement for federal certification in contracting (DAWIA and FAC-C certification). For federal certification purposes Webster courses must be completed with a grade of B or better.

All the certificate program courses must be completed through Webster University. Upon completion of the course requirements in good academic standing and filing a Petition to Graduate, the student will be awarded Webster University's Certificate in Government Contracting.

Government Contracting Certificate Program Requirements

Each of the 6 Government Contracting Certificate courses listed below must be completed in good academic standing to meet the requirements for the certificate. These courses can also be used to meet requirements for the MA in Procurement and Acquisitions Management (MA/PROC) degree, also shown below.

Government Contracting Certificate Courses Credit Hours Place in MA/PROC Degree
PROC 5000 Procurement and Acquisitions Management 3 Required
PROC 5830 Pricing 3 Required
PROC 5840 Negotiations 3 Required
PROC 5860 Government Contracting 3 Elective
PROC 5870 Pricing and Contract Integration 3 Elective
PROC 5890 Government Procurement Law 3 Elective
TOTAL 18 18/36 hours

For more information about this program, please contact the Webster University Office of Military Affairs: or 1-314-246-VETS.

Updated June 3, 2014