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Fold of Honor Scholarship Program

Folds of Honor Scholarship

Education Partnership with Folds of Honor

Webster University’s Office of Military Affairs is pleased to announce a partnership with the Folds of Honor Foundation that provides a $5,000 annual incentive fund to be competitively awarded to each Folds of Honor eligible Undergraduate student who attends Webster University’s home campus in St Louis, Missouri, as a full-time student. Additionally, any Folds of Honor graduate student who enrolls at any U.S. Webster University campus will receive the University’s FOH Scholarship that yields a “net” tuition that’s the same rates as our Active-Duty, Guard and Reserve members via this scholarship.

Webster Specific Folds of Honor Education Benefits

  • Eligible Undergraduatate Students: $5,000 Annual Incentive Fund
  • Eligible Graduate Students: Receive our most preferred military tuition rates (via the FOH Scholarship).
  • It's Easy to Apply and Webster's Academic Advising team will help you achieve your goals.

Partnering with the Folds of Honor Foundation allows military children who have lost a parent in the line of duty to attend Webster University is one of the best ways we can honor those who have died defending our country. Folds of Honor’s mission is one million-plus dependents are adversely affected by deployments, yet nearly nine out of 10 do not qualify for federal scholarship assistance. Since 2007, the Folds of Honor has carried forth this singular, noble mission. To close the gap, providing educational support to spouses and children of America's fallen and wounded soldiers. For eligibility determination or any other questions, please contact the Office of Military Affairs.

Webster University Campus Locations

Apply for Admission >>  (Make sure to select "Yes" to "Military Affiliation" and then select "CFPF")


 *This special program is via a partnership with Folds of Honor Foundation. To be eligible for this program, University scholarship and most preferred tuition rates, you must be registered and validated through Fallen Patriots.

The Folds of Honor Foundation also offers their own scholarship programs that are separate and exclusive to that organization. Please visit this link: