Minor in Film Production

If reality television and sold-out movie premiers teach us anything, it's that there will always be a need for trained people to work in the film industry. If you dream of making movies, a Minor in Film Production at Webster University will provide you with the knowledge you need to tell your story.

Students will gain knowledge about how the people, concepts, and technology work together to create a movie. In addition to learning the role of each person on a film set, you'll learn production by studying other movies. Webster's Film Production Minor offers a systematic approach in learning the craft and aesthetics of motion picture production in both traditional and digital film formats.

Early in the program, you'll develop and execute your own projects. As you progress, you may continue to make your own films or focus on different areas of interest, like directing, producing, cinematography, editing, animation and visual effects...and explore these areas in a variety of disciplines, such as narrative, documentary, experimental and independent production.

Points of Distinction

  • Award-winning faculty filmmakers, who have worked on major motion pictures and produced films for networks including PBS and The Discovery Channel, share practical, real-world techniques.
  • Unique internship program designed to enhance the curriculum.
  • The opportunity for international documentary production and film study at our campuses in Leiden, the Netherlands; Cha-am/Hua Hin, Thailand; Geneva, Switzerland; London, England; and Vienna, Austria.
  • Webster University hosts the Webster Film Series, a nationally recognized, year-round film exhibition program.

Additional Information