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Scholarship Recipients


The Department of Music offers a number of endowed scholarships and other special scholarship recognitions. These funds are usually awarded to sophomore, junior, or senior students who have demonstrated exceptional talent and contributed in significant ways to the life of the music program.

Scholarship Recipients 2019-2020

2019-20 scholarship recipients include:

Buder Foundation Scholarship
Abby Benson
Veronica Jones
Ben Shafer
Zachary Tesch

 Peggy Fossett Endowed Scholarship Fund for Music
Michael Cruse
Leonardo Diamant
Caleb McCarroll
Marc Pannullo
Kylie Teter 

TKT Endowment Fund
Ian Buschmann
Matthew Lesch
Molly Morgan

James Moroney Nigh Endowed Scholarship in Opera
Abby Benson

Suzy Shepard Endowed Jazz Scholarship Fund
Amber Kelson
Luke Sailor

 Donald O. Davis Memorial Endowed Scholarship for Jazz Studies
Kameron Huff, Ben Schafer

Carole Gaspar Endowed Scholarship in Vocal Performance
Victoria Davlantes

Kevin Steincross Endowed Scholarship
Claire Miller

 Sister Eloise Jarvis, Ph.D. Endowed Scholarship in Music
Kylie Teter

 Monica M. Moore & David G. Fish Endowed Scholarship in Music
Christian Burns

 Allen Carl Larson Endowed Scholarship for Instrumental Studies
Kylie Teter

Jean Sinor Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Michaela Cruse

 Lynn & Thriess Britton Endowed Music Scholarship
Sarah Merrifield

Jennifer Johnson Cano Scholarship
Erica Ancell

Helen A. Hagen & Allison Webb Endowed Music Scholarship
Ashton Rogers

Sister Felicia Corrigan S.L. Endowed Music Scholarship
Madalyn Tomkins


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