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Send our choirs to Carnegie!



Members of Webster University choirs perform at Carnegie Hall at 2 p.m. on Sunday, March 26, 2017, with three Webster University faculty members as soloists. This concert is the first-ever for Webster choirs in New York City -- and for many students, the first-ever trip to Manhattan!

The cost of the trip is in excess of $70,000. Webster University is generously providing airfare, but the remainder of the expenses -- lodging, ground transportation, program fees, all meals -- are the responsibility of the 55 students who are excited about this adventure.

You can help!  We are $10,700 away from funding this trip in its entirety (as of February 10!), so we are asking for your help in our trek to the most famous stage in the country. Direct program fees include hiring an orchestra at Carnegie, renting the hall, rehearsal space, guest conductor fee, and many other important but mundane items.

How do you give?  Simply click on the blue GIVE TODAY button at the top of this page, and you'll go directly to Webster's gift form.  Type in the amount you wish to give -- we offer some suggestions below -- and then (this is important!) click on "Select the fund(s) for your gift." You then scroll to the bottom of the box and select Other, then select Continue at the bottom of that box.  

Your next window says "If you selected "Other" or "My Campus Location" as one of your fund choices, please specify where you would like to direct your gift here:" . . . and all you do is type in choirs to Carnegie.  Enter your payment and billing information, and the money is immediately credited to our choir tour fund.

All gifts are tax-deductible charitable contributions.

Questions? Email Dr. Jeffrey Carter, Department of Music chairperson, or call him on 314.968.7033.  

Want to make a challenge donation? We'd be delighted for friends and supporters to make a challenge!  Contact Dr. Jeffrey Carter if you are interested . . . .

Your support provides:

$3 = bagel and coffee for breakfast
$10 = one student's trip into Manhattan from Newark
$25 = one student getting four hours of sleep!
$50 = one student's hotel expense for one night
$100 = two nights of sleep for one student
$140 = one student's program fee for one day
$200 = one student's hotel expense for the entire event
$335 = one student's program fee for two days
$670 = the entire program fee for one student, including that student's portion of orchestra, soloist, conductor, and Carnegie Hall rehearsal and performance rental!

Support to date:

  • Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts, $15,000
  • Individual students, paying $800 each to experience the magic of Carnegie Hall
  • Beth Enloe-Fritz
  • Dr. Kim Kleinman
  • Dr. Allen Larson, Emeritus Professor
  • Theresa Hamilton
  • Miles McDonald
  • Emmanuel Episcopal Church


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