Myrtle Beach: Fall 2, 2016 Schedule

 Walker School of Business and Technology

*** Saturday and Sunday classes are 08:00 am to 05:30 pm. 

***Computer lab times :  Rick Lab =  Sat, 10:00 to 2:00  Dr. Bellamy= Sat, 2:00 to 3:00.  Rickey King=Sat, 3:00 to 5:00.                                     Katie Badgett= Sun,10:00 to12:00.                                                                                                           

Course Room # Section Description Instructor Day
BUSN 6200 204 48  Strategy and Competition  Dr. P.Owens SAT
FINC 5000 1-B 48 Finance                Dr. R.Hawk SAT
HLTH 5140    D 48  Health Administration Law Dr. N.Chabra SAT
HRDV 5000     A 48  Introduction to Human Res Dr. F.Bellamy SAT
HRDV 5630    E 48 Organizational Development Dr. Pat Kastner SAT
MNGT 5670     C 48 Managerial Leadership Mr. D.Wolter SAT
MRKT 5000   208 48 Marketing   Mr. R.Lab SAT
BUSN 6070    1-B 48 Management Accounting Dr. R.Hawk SUN
HLTH 6000     A MB Integrated Studies in Health Administration Dr. A. Wallace SUN
HRDV 5610      C 48 Training and Development Ms. K.Badgett SUN
HRDV 6000    1-A MB Integrated Studies in Human Resources Development Dr. R.Hunady SUN
HRMG 5930      D 48 Labor-Management Relations Dr. N.Chabra SUN
HRMG 6000    1-A MB Integrated Studies in Human Resources Management Dr. R.Hunady SUN
MNGT 5950 A 48 The Woman Manager Dr. Toni Mack SUN
MNGT 6000   1-A MB Integrated Studies in MNGT Dr. R.Hunady SUN

Counseling Program

***Practicum and Internship hours vary,please consult your instructor.

course/ room number Section Description Instructor Day
COUN 6500 RM 1-A 2M Internship Dr. Thommi Lawson FRI
COUN 6500 RM 1-B 3M Internship Dr. David Kahn FRI
COUN 5100 RM C 48 Social and Cultural Foundations of Counseling Dr. Cynthia Wiggins-Peppers SAT
COUN 5100 RM D MB Social and Cultural Foundations of Counseling Dr. LaVera Brown SAT
COUN 5220 RM 1-B 48  Assessment     Dr. Melissa .Muse SAT
COUN 5610 RM  A MB Techniques of Counseling Dr Thommi Lawson SAT
COUN 6500 RM 1-A 4m  Internship Dr. Diane Clark SAT
COUN 5230 RM A 48 Psychodiagnostics  Dr. Thommi Lawson SUN
COUN 5640 RM 48 48  Couples, Marriage and Family Dr. H. Heidt SUN
COUN 6200 RM D 48 Counseling Learning Practicum Dr. LaVera Brown SUN
COUN 6200 RM E MB Counseling Learning Practicum       Dr. J.Smith SUN
COUN 6500 RM 1-B 5M Internship Dr. D.Kahn SUN