Course Schedule Fall 2, 2017 | Myrtle Beach | Webster University

FALL 2, 2018

Walker School of Business and Technology

Course      Section Description Instructor Day
BUSN.5620 MB Current Economic Analysis Cancelled Staff Sun*
BUSN 5600 MB Accounting Theory and Practice Dr. Hawk Sun*
BUSN 6200 MB Strategy and Competition (Web Net) Cancelled Prof. Gibbs Mon**
HLTH 5020 MB Organizational Planning & Change Prof.Kastner Sat*
HLTH 5040 MB HR Management in Health Administration (Web-Net) Dr. Lowery WED**
HLTH 6000 MB Integrated Studies in Health Administration (Web-Net)  Cancelled Dr. Cauthen TUES**
HRDV 5630 MB Organizational Development and Change Dr. J. Clark Sun*
HRDV 5700 MB Career Management  Cancelled Staff Sat*
HRDV.6000 MB Integrated Studies                                               Dr. Hunady Sun***
HRMG.6000 MB Integrated Studies Dr. Hunady Sun***
HRMG 5930 MB Labor-Management Relations Prof.Chabra Sun*
MNGT 5670 MB Managerial Leadership Dr. Rubin Sat*
MNGT 5990 MB Corporate Responsibility and Society Prof.Chabra Sat*
MNGT.6000 MB Integrated Studies Dr. Hunady Sun***
Class Dates    * Start: Oct 13 & 14    End: Dec 1 & 2    
Class Dates    ** Start: Oct 22   End: Dec 21 WebNet  
Class Dates    ***

Start: Oct 21  End: Dec 9




Counseling Program

Course      Section Description Instructor Day
COUN 5100 48 Social & Cultural Foundations Dr.Lawson SAT
COUN 5600 48 Group Techniques - CANCELLED
Dr.O'Brien SAT
COUN 5220 48 Assessment (WebNet+) Dr. A. Smith Wed
COUN 5230 48 Psychodiagnosis Dr. Lawson SUN
COUN 6200 48 Practicum II Dr. O'Brien SUN
COUN 6500 3M Internship - CANCELLED Dr. Lawson FRI
COUN 6500 4M Internship Dr. O'Brien SAT