Myrtle Beach: Spring 1 2017 Schedule

BWalker School of Business and Technology

Spring 1 2017 *Room assignments will be posted by Dec 15!

Course Section Description Instructor Day
BUSN 5000 48 Business Dr. Rick Hawk SAT
BUSN 5200 48 Basic Finance for Managers Mr. Rickey King SAT
BUSN 5760 48 Applied Business Statistics Dr. Patrick Owens SAT
BUSN 6120 48 Managerial Economics Staff SAT
HLTH 5000 48 Organization and Management Health Administration Dr. Pat Kastner SAT
HRDV 5630 48 Organization Development and Change Mr. Rick Lab SAT
HRMG 5000 48 Managing Human Resources Dr Frankie Bellamy SAT
MNGT 5990 48 Corporate Responsibility and Society Dr.Nick Chabra SAT
BUSN 5600 48 Accounting Theory and Practice Mr. Gene Odom SUN
BUSN 5630 48 Current Economic Analysis Staff SUN
FINC 5880 48 Advanced Corporate Finance Dr. Rick Hawk SUN
HRDV 5560 48 Group Development and Change Dr. James Pearson SUN
HRDV 6000 48 Integrated Studies in Human Resources Development Dr. Ron Hunady SUN
HLTH 6000 48 Integrated Studies in Health Admin. Dr. Aseniah Wallace SUN
HRMG 6000 48 Integrated Studies in Human Resources Management Dr. Ron Hunady Sun
MNGT 5000 48 Management Dr. Tony Mack  Sun
MNGT 6000 48 Integrated Studies in Management and Leadership Dr. Ron Hunady Sun
MNGT 5590 48 Organizational Behavior Dr. Jessica Lowery SUN


Counseling Program

Course Section Description Instructor Day
COUN 6500 48 Internship Dr. David Kahn FRI
COUN 6500 MY Internship staff FRI
COUN 5020 48 Foundations of Counseling Dr. Thommi Lawson WED
COUN 5600 48 Techniques of Group Counseling Dr Diane Clark SAT
COUN 5670 48 Counseling of Children Dr. Hal Heidt SAT
COUN 6500 MY Internship Dr. David Kahn SAT
COUN 5160 48 Issues in Counseling: Creative Arts in Counseling Dr. Thommi Lawson SUN
COUN 5800 48 Professional Orientation and Ethics Dr. LaVera Brown SUN
COUN 6100 48 Practicum Dr. Diane Clark SUN
COUN 6100 MB Practicum Dr. Jerry Smith SUN
COUN 6500 1M Internship Staff SUN