Myrtle Beach: Spring 2, 2017 Schedule

Unforeseen events, on occasion, may result in changes to the published schedule.

Spring 2 2017

Course Sec. Description Instructor Day
BUSN 6070 48 Management Accounting King SUN
BUSN 6120 MB Managerial Economics Lin SAT
BUSN 6200 48 Strategy and Competition Owens SAT
FINC 5000 48 Finance Hawk SUN
HLTH 5020 48 Organizational Planning and Change in Health Administration Kastner SUN
HLTH 5070 48 Financial Analysis in Health Admin. King SAT
HLTH 6000 48 Integrated Studies in Health Administration Wallace SAT
HRDV 5000 48 Intro to Human Resources Development Lab SUN
HRDV 5700 48 Career Management Wallace SUN
HRDV 5750 48 Research and Assessment in Human Resources Development Bellamy SAT
HRDV 6000 MB Integrated Studies in Human Resources Development Hunady SUN
HRMG 5920 48 Compensation Badgett SAT
HRMG 6000 MB Integrated Studies in Human Resources Management Hunady SUN
MNGT 5670 48 Managerial Leadership Wolter SUN
MNGT 5670 MB Managerial Leadership Hilton SUN
MNGT 5910 48 Ethical and Legal Issues in Management Chabra SAT
MNGT 6000 MB Integrated Studies in Management and Leadership Hunady SUN
MRKT 5000 48 Marketing Lab SAT


Counseling Program

Course Sec. Description Instructor Day
COUN 5100 48 Social and Cultural Foundations of Counseling Brown TUE
COUN 5150 48 Psychopathology Patterson SAT
COUN 5220 48 Assessment Clark SAT
COUN 5230 48 Psychodiagnostics Smith SUN
COUN 5540 48 Family Systems Theory Lawson SUN
COUN 5540 MB Family Systems Theory Patterson SUN
COUN 5820 48 Consultation and Supervision Lawson SAT
COUN 6200 48 Counseling Learning Practicum II Brown SUN
COUN 6200 MB Counseling Learning Practicum II Clark SUN
COUN 6500 2M Internship Kahn FRI
COUN 6500 4M Internship Kahn SAT