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New Canvas User Interface

 Updated Canvas User Interface Released on 5/16/16

On May 16th, Webster University will implement the new Canvas user interface (UI) for all courses and organizations within WorldClassRoom. This new interface was designed to optimize the layout of content on a variety of devices. The functionality of the tools within WorldClassRoom will not change with this update.


Five changes users will notice:

1. The Global Navigation tools (Courses, Settings, Profile, Inbox, Resources) have moved from the top of the page to the left side of the page.

Global Navigation moves from top to left side of screen

2. When you first log in, you will see your active courses on colored cards in the Dashboard. These cards will have icons along the bottom of each to represent recent activities in announcements, assignments, and discussions. The cards can be modified by using the edit icon in the top right corner.


3. Recent Activity can be viewed from the individual course cards or by sliding the toggle at the top of the screen to the right.

4. The Account icon will be the place to see your settings, profile, photo, and logout link.

Account Icon

5. The Course navigation will remain on the left side of the screen but if your screen resolution is low, the menu may collapse. To bring back the course navigation menu, click on the three lines near the course title.


The following resources can used to become familiar with the new interface:

Canvas Guides

What is the new Canvas User Interface?
How do I use the Global Navigation Menu? (New Canvas UI)
How do I use the Dashboard? (New Canvas UI)

Q & A

Here are a few answers to questions you might have about the new UI.

How do I find my class?

 In global navigation on the left side of the screen, click on Courses. If you do not see the course you are enrolled in, click on the All Courses link. Courses are organized into three categories: My Courses, Past enrollments, and Future Enrollments. You can move a course from All Courses to the Favorites list by clicking on the star next to the name of the course.

How do I access grades?

Students can locate all grades with a button that is now located in the sidebar on the right side of the screen.

How do I log out?

 In Global Navigation, click the Account link and then click the Logout link. Students and instructors should always log out of a public computer.

Can I change the color of the course cards?

On your course card, click on the card Settings icon. Choose a color from the options available. Click Apply.

Can I get rid of the course cards?

The course cards represent your “favorite” courses. To get rid of a course card, go to courses and click on all courses. Click on the star next to the course that you do not want to see in course cards. This will allow the course to stay on the All courses list but not be seen in course cards. OR
You can switch to the Recent Activity view using the toggle at the top of the course cards area.

I made my screen really small… where did my sidebar go?

The sidebar will move to the bottom of the screen if you are on a mobile device or have a screen with a smaller size. Scroll beyond the course cards to see the sidebar.

Where are the WCR FAQs?

You can still access FAQs from the Resources link. This link is now on the left side of the screen in the global navigation. Our FAQs are undergoing a transition in the coming months so we will most likely refer you to Canvas guides for non-Webster specific tasks.