Webster Online Celebrates National Distance Learning Week

Gorloks keep up with their online coursework, no matter where they go!Job transfers, family needs and work obligations can make it difficult for some students to complete their degrees; fortunately, online learning is making the process a little easier and allowing students to keep up with their coursework even while on the go.  Each year, more than 9,000 Webster students enroll in at least one online course in one of Webster's 30 fully online programs.  While several students take a mixture of online and classroom courses, more than 4,000 are completing their degrees entirely online. 

In recognition of our online students and long history in distance education, Webster University's Online Learning Center celebrated National Distance Learning Week the week of November 10th, 2014. 

Weeklong Events

Social Media

The OLC engaged with students and supporters in recognition of National Distance Learning Week via social media and our Online Student Center!

  • Join us on LinkedIn: We invite you to join the newly created Webster University Online LinkedIn Group to network with other students and supporters of Webster’s online programs.
  • Find us on Facebook: Interact with us using hashtags #NDLW and #WebsterNDLW.
  • Follow us on Twitter: Tweet with us using hashtags #NDLW and #WebsterNDLW.
  • View our videos on YouTube
  • Online Student Commons: Must be a student currently enrolled in online courses for the term to access the Online Student Center in WorldClassRoom.

Audience: Students, Faculty and Staff Worldwide

Toys for Tots in honor of Veterans Day

In recognition of Veterans Day on November 11, Webster's commitment to military education and our strong population of students, faculty and staff who are also veterans and/or service members, the OLC will be assisting the OMA in collecting Toys for Tots. Toys for Tots is an organization that collects new toys for Marine’s to distribute. Please mail your brand new toy (in original packaging) or gift card by November 30.

The OLC’s goal is to collect 100 toys

You can send to:
Online Learning Center
Webster University
470 E Lockwood Ave
St. Louis, MO 63119

·         If you are in St. Louis, please stop by the Online Learning Center and drop of your gift card or brand new toy.

Audience: Students, Faculty and Staff Worldwide

November 2014 Workshops

Monday, November 10 at Noon Central Time 
Online Classroom Management: A Discussion Among Teaching Professionals

Teaching online requires expertise in both your content area and in navigating complex human relationships in a technology-mediated arena. What do you do when a student is being disrespectful to you or their classmates? How do you respond to students who perpetually miss deadlines and always seem to have an excuse? How do you approach a student that you suspect has cheated or plagiarized? To whom can you refer students when their problems extend beyond your course? Faculty, join in and share your experiences in this moderated discussion about online classroom management. Share some of the real experiences you have had teaching online and tap into your colleagues’ vast experience to find solutions.

Click here to register.

            Audience: Faculty Worldwide

Monday, November 10, 2:00pm Central 
Time Management for the Online Student - Webinar Workshop (1 hour)

Counseling & Life Development Center will host “Running out of Time” - a time and stress management workshop for online students. This informative and activity filled webinar, hosted by Gladys Smith, Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) and Assistant Director of Life and Counseling at Webster University, will review some of the common pitfalls students encounter in managing their time and share tips and strategies for improved time management and decreasing stress.
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Audience: Students Worldwide

Tuesday, November 11 at Noon Central Time
5 Things You Need to Know about WorldClassRoom

Location: Online meeting; click the registration link below to join.
New to teaching in WorldClassRoom? Join the Instructional Design and Training team from the Online Learning Center for an overview of 5 important components of WorldClassRoom. This webinar will NOT be a training session but will provide insight on the following topics:

1. Your course – When, Where, How

2. Adding course materials

3. Feedback and Communication tools

4. System updates

5. How to get Help 

While there will not be time available to address specific issues in your course, we will be able to answer questions and point you in the right direction for obtaining additional assistance.

Click here to register.

Audience: Faculty Worldwide

Tuesday, November 11, 1:00pm Central 

Walker Global Hybrid Courses – International Experiences for all Students (1 hour)

Webster University’s Walker Global Hybrid Courses provide students with opportunities for short-term international travel enhanced by online learning for a meaningful academic experience that fits any schedule. Students gain global perspective through a rich travel experience and an online forum for reflection and the application of lessons learned while on location. Find out why all students should include a Global Hybrid course into their schedule and what opportunities are available for upcoming courses. 

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Audience: Students Worldwide

Wednesday, November 12 at Noon Central Time 
My course is ready to go live, Now what?

Engaging students in your face-to-face class is second nature. Translating those techniques to an online environment is not always as straightforward. Teaching online can feel passive when you can’t see your students’ reactions or expressions, or hear their tone and inflection when they speak. Likewise, students may not always feel your human touch. Although most of these challenges are addressed through prudent course design, this presentation will highlight some proactive strategies you can use in your online class to positively engage students throughout the term.

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Audience: Faculty Worldwide

Wednesday, November 12, 1:00pm Central 
Support to Our Military Students (1 hour)

The Office of Military Affairs (OMA) serves as the functional lead for all-military related activity for Webster University. Our goal is to provide unmatched service, guidance and support to our military on-ground & online students. The 1-hr informative webinar features Brig Gen Mike Callan, USAF (Ret) and his OMA team, and they’ll discuss a host of applicable topics including:

• 40th year of celebrating Webster University educational service to our military

• Review OMA objectives/University accolades

• Discuss our 39 campuses/OLC support to our military students

• ROTC and SVO forums available in STL

• OMA Contact info

• VSOC program

• VSOC purpose and expectations

• Capability of VSOC for extended campus students

• Tools, resources and partnerships for veteran and military students

Audience: Military Students Worldwide

Wednesday, November 12, 6:00pm Central 
Webster University Online Open House- Webinar (1 hour)

This webinar event designed specifically for prospective students will provide you with a everything you need to know about becoming a Webster University Online student.  We will cover: Why Webster?, Why Online?, Admission Process, Financial Aid, Registration, Advising, and more! RSVP here

Are you a current student who knows someone who might be interested in Webster’s online programs? Help us promote this event! 

Audience: Prospective Students Worldwide

Thursday, November 13 at Noon Central
Putting the "Discuss" back in Discussions

Join members of the Instructional Design and Training team from the Online Learning Center to learn strategies and best practices for increasing student engagement in threaded discussions in WorldClassRoom. We will share our research while covering the following topics:

  • Writing effective questions (What NOT to ask in a discussion topic.)
  • Facilitation (How not to say “Great Post!” 51 times a week.)
  • Evaluation (To Rubric or Not to Rubric – ways to assess student responses.)
  • Tips to increase Student Engagement (Express yourself!)

    Bring your questions for “discussion” during the Q&A session.

    Click here to register.

               Audience: Faculty Worldwide

Thursday, November 13, 3:30pm Central (30 min)
You have a paper to write. Now what?

How should you go about choosing your topic? Where should you start doing your research? When should you start doing your research? Webster University Librarians will help guide you in the right direction and get your research started off smoothly. Join us for a webinar during which we'll answer the above questions as well as any you have. Hopefully this session will demystify the research process!

Audience: Students Worldwide

Thursday, November 13, 6:00pm Central (1 hour)
Webster's Centennial: Celebrating our Unique History

Join Kathy Gaynor, Curator of Archives, and Dr. Annie Stevens, S.L., Department of Religious Studies, for a look at the unique history of Webster University. You'll learn about the major watershed moments that have made Webster what it is today as we embark on our second century of service.

               Audience: Faculty, Staff, Students, and Alumni Worldwide



The Online Learning Center would like to extend our sincerest thanks the Office of Admissions, Academic Advising Center, Library, Counseling and Life Development, Global Marketing & Communications, Office of Military Affairs and the Walker School of Business & Technology for their partnership in supporting National Distance Learning Week events. If you or your department would like to be involved with National Distance Learning Week 2014 or if you have questions about these events, please contact the Online Learning Center at studyonline@webster.edu or (866) 622-0888.