ESL Bridge Program for International Students

ESL Program Overview

ESL is designed as a two-course Bridge Program for international students who need to develop and improve their English language skills and allows for concurrent graduate program studies at the Webster University-Orlando campus.   Assignments and skill building coursework at all levels of the ESL program reflect the topics and assignments of a typical American university. The ESL Bridge Program in Orlando starts new sessions three times a year: Spring 1, Summer, and Fall 1. 


Students must achieve minimum scores on an ESL placement test to be eligible for the bridge program; 

Students will enroll in ESL for three terms, taking one English class per term at the same time they take a graduate level class in their declared degree program;

ESL tuition is $1,605 per class.  Total = $3210.00 for both courses.

Students who wish to continue studying in their graduate program after they successfully complete the ESL Bridge Program should follow the steps for admission with the international admissions team as regular international graduate students.

Bridge Program

Students take 6 credit hours of ESL instruction at the same time as the coursework for their graduate degree. These 6 credit hours include:

Fall 1, 2016
ESLG 4000.R2: Research Writing
1.5 Credits

Fall 2, 2016
ESLG 4000.RL: Research Writing
1.5 Credits

Placement Exam Dates: Fall 1, 2016

Friday, August 5, 2016 at 1:00 PM (ESL Placement Test – written and oral). 
Recommended for future graduate students.
Written Exam: 90 minutes for reading-writing and essay;
Oral Exam: 15 or so minutes per student.

Additional notes:

Please call or email Janice Thompson at (407) 869-8111 or to confirm you are taking the placement test for the ESL Bridge Program;

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to test time in order to check-in and pay. The test begins at 4 pm.

Testing fee: $20 (Cash or check made out to Webster University – No debit or credit cards). You will pay your testing fee on the day of the test;

Please bring #2 pencils and a picture ID.

You can use a paper dictionary for the written portion. No electronic dictionaries or cell phones can be used during the test;

Additional information about the test can be obtained by contacting the Orlando Academic Advisor, Scott Callaway, at