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Orlando: Fall 2 2020 Syllabi

Term Dates: October 19–December 18, 2020

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Course Number  Course Title Instructor Day
BUSN 5000 Business Dr. Omanwa M
BUSN 5760 Statistics Bill Ruth T
BUSN 6070 Mngt Accounting Dr Ahmed R
BUSN 6120 Managerial Econ Dr Conserve W
BUSN 6200 Capstone Dr Musyimi M
COUN 6100/6200/6500 & EPSY 6502 Ellis Caroyln R
FINC 5000 Finance Bunsa R
FINC 5880 Adv. Corp. Finance Dr Sewkarran M
FINC 6290 Merge & Acquist Scott R
HLTH 5120 Issues in Health Policy Dr Abeer T
HLTH 5160 Health Informatics Dr Abeer W
HRMG 5700 Employment Law Dr Elliot M
ITM 5200 Project Management of IT Dickinson T
MNGT 5000 Intro to MNGT Dr. Howlett R
MNGT 5590 Org Behavior Dr. Khan W
MNGT 5670 Managerial Leader Dr Sewkarran W