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Orlando Graduation Information

Petitioning to Graduate

A student should complete a Petition to Graduate at the time of registration for his or her final term. Prior to degree completion, students are assigned a non-refundable $75 graduation candidacy fee. All incomplete classes must be completed by the end of the final term, or the graduation date will be postponed and the student will have to re-petition.

Petitions to Graduate can be picked up from Student Services at both Orlando locations. 

Graduation Dates

Graduate degrees are awarded at the end of every term: March, May, August, October, and December.
Undergraduate degrees are awarded at the end of every semester: May, August, and December.


Diplomas and Transcripts

Diplomas are mailed from the Office of the Registrar at the end of every term for graduate students and at the end of every semester for undergraduate students. On average, students will receive their diploma eight weeks after their degree is awarded. The student's account must be paid in full before the diploma will be mailed.

An unofficial copy of the transcript is sent to the student after completion of degree requirements. A student request for an official transcript must be in writing and directed to the Office of the Registrar.

Request for Transcript forms are available from Student Services at both Orlando locations or by clicking here. Transcripts will be issued only if the student's account is paid in full. There is no fee for transcripts if this form is used.

Alternatively, students may order transcripts online by clicking here, for a small fee.

Graduate Academic Honors

The student who completes a graduate degree (including all required, elective, and transfer courses) while maintaining a minimum G.P.A. of 3.950 receives Graduate Academic Honors. Accelerated sequential degrees are excluded from this designation.

Undergraduate Academic Honors

University-wide academic honors (summa cum laude, magna cum laude, cum laude) are awarded to students who have a high grade point average across the curriculum. Students' academic records must demonstrate excellence in a variety of academic disciplines, including upper-division work outside their field of study. Please see the Undergraduate Catalog under Honors for specific criteria.

Orlando Graduation Ceremony

The Orlando Metropolitan Campuses hold a graduation ceremony every November. Students who have graduated or will graduate in the same calendar year as the ceremony may participate. Students are invited to bring up to 10 family and friends.

The 2014 graduation ceremony is scheduled for Saturday, November 1st at 11:00 am.

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St. Louis Graduation Ceremony

Students may also attend the main campus ceremony held in May. Information on this ceremony is available at the following website: