Staff Directory

Thank you for visiting. We have Student Service and Academic Advising teams at both Orlando locations ready to assist you in your academic pursuits. Our aim is to provide you the best service possible.

Please feel free to contact us with any comments, questions, or concerns.


Nicolas Spina
Campus Director

Lori Burbank
Assistant Director
407-869-8111 ext. 123

Regional Academic Director

Kate Wiles, EdD
Regional Academic Director
407-869-8111 ext. 125

 Academic Services

Shelley Allison
407-869-8111 ext. 138 

 Student Services Team

Stacey Holderfield
407-869-8111 ext. 134

Janice Thompson
407-869-8111 ext. 122 

Anibal (AJ) Torres
Department Associate, South Orlando
407-345-1139 ext. 200


Deborah Straubinger
Community Relations Coordinator
407-869-8111 ext. 140


Paddie Czech
407-869-8111 ext. 136

Academic Advisors

Kate Wiles, EdD
Interim Academic Advisor, North Campus
407-869-8111 ext. 125

Lori Burbank
Interim Academic Advisor, South Campus
407-345-1139 ext. 213

Orlando Academic Leadership Team

Kate Wiles, EdD
Regional Academic Director

Jim Herndon, PhD, EdD
Human Resources Mentor

Mike Johns, MBA
Marketing Mentor

John DeNigris, PhD
Finance Mentor

Eric Provost
Business and Organizational Security Management & Cybersecurity Mentor

Eve Yeates, MBA
ITM Mentor



Faculty Resources

Ken Hise, EdD
Management Mentor

Judy Ortiz, PhD
Health Administration Mentor

Al Schroeder, MA
International Business Mentor

Sheree Cox, RN, NCC, DCC, LMHC
Orlando Counseling Mentor

Jim Bunsa, MBA, MS
MBA Mentor, Faculty Coordinator


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