Q: I am a new employee and have signed up for direct deposit, but I have checked my account and do not see my pay.

A: New direct deposit accounts, and any existing direct deposit account that have a change will be pre-noted by the bank (test of account numbers), and you will receive a check in the mail for the test phase. All future pays after the test phase will be by direct deposit.

Q: I need to change the bank account that my pay is direct deposited into. What is the process?

A: In the forms option you will find the direct deposit form needed to change your direct deposit. Please submit the completed form with your signature to our office along with a voided check. You may send this form to us via e-mail (payroll@webster.edu), fax (314-246-8237), or mail to the attention of the Payroll Department, Webster University, 470 East Lockwood, St. Louis, MO 63119

Q: Can you tell me what the pay dates are for the next semester?

A: Please see our "Payroll Processing Schedule" section on our homepage, all pay schedules are available for staff, faculty and students.

Q: I am an adjunct professor, and the amount I am being paid for the classes I teach is incorrect.

A: Academic Affairs prepares your contract for payment by the Payroll Office. Please contact your site and they will contact your Academic Affairs representative to let them know. If there is an error, they will provide Payroll with a revision to correct your pay.

Q: I have not received any pay stubs in the mail.

A: Effective January 1, 2011 all paystubs are available online. Please use "your paycheck" option on our homepage. If your Connections account is inactive, please contact the Help Desk or call 866-435-7270 or 314-968-5995.

Q: What is the Probationary/Training Period?

A: The first 60 days of a person's full-time employment at Webster University. During the probationary/training period the new full time employee is not eligible for employee benefits except holiday pay, insurance benefits (effective the first of the month after hire date) and tuition remission for classes taken by the employee. After the completion of the probationary/training period the employee becomes eligible for sick pay.

Q: How many sick days will I get?

A: After the completion of the 60-day Probationary/Training period full time employees are allowed up to 10 days of absence with pay due to illness during the calendar year. After four years of service, employees are allowed 15 days of absence with pay due to illness. Sick days are cumulative from year to year.

Q: When do I become eligible for vacation time?

A: After an employee has been with the University full-time for six months you are given your vacation balance for the entire year even though you will not have earned it. From then on your anniversary date, as far as computing vacation time, is January 1. Vacation days may be taken before they are earned but remember, if you leave the University before December 31 you must pay back any vacation time that you used but had not earned. If you haven't used all the vacation time that you have earned you can carry over a maximum of ten days into the next calendar year.

Q: What is a Personal Day?

A: After a full-time employee has been with the University for six months you are also entitled to one paid personal day per calendar year. Personal days cannot be carried over to the next year.

Q: What are the University's scheduled holidays?

A: The University's recognized holidays are:

  • Memorial Day Holiday
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Holiday (2 days)
  • Holiday Break
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • Veteran's Day (Extended Campuses)
  • These holidays are also listed on the back of the Payroll Time Sheet.

Q: What if I work a Flex Schedule?

A: Time off for vacation, sick and bad weather is to be reported in accordance with the flextime schedule. All other benefit hours are based on the standard 7.50 workday (8.00 hours if you are scheduled for a 40 hour workweek). The employee's workweek may need to be rescheduled during holiday periods. Please feel free to contact the Payroll Department at 314/968-7408 or email payroll@webster.edu if you have any questions.