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Webster University Peterson Air Force Base

Webster University provides accredited undergraduate and graduate school education to students at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado and across the world. With opportunities to study at Peterson or earn a degree online, academic programs are focused on student success and taught by faculty with professional experience in their academic fields.

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Webster University is recognized as a leader in global education for more than 30 years, and a pioneer in adult and military education for more than 40 years - all based around a historic university that has been around since 1915. Webster prepares students from all walks of life and nationalities to achieve their chosen academic, professional and personal goals through affordable, high quality education.

Webster can personalize your education to meet your specific needs and schedule, so that getting your degree while working full-time or actively serving in the military is a smooth, positive experience that advances your career. Webster's agile, adaptable learning environment is designed for the flexibility that military service so often demands. Coursework and locations at Peterson AFB and Schriever AFB are designed to accommodate various scheduling needs.

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Webster University - Peterson Air Force Base: 201 W. Stewart Ave., Building 1171
Suite 106, Peterson AFB, CO 80914
Classes Held in Education Center
Phone (719) 574-7562, Fax (719) 574-2333 | petersonafb@webster.edu

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