Peterson Air Force Base: FY20 Annual Schedule | Webster University

Peterson Air Force Base: FY20 Annual Schedule

May 28, 2019 - May 17, 2020

SCHEDULE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE - Enrolled Students will be notified of change
Classes meet from 5:30–9:30 pm at the Peterson Education Center unless otherwise noted.

Peterson requires civilians to have approval for base access. To gain base access contact Bill Houth at 719-574-7562, or

Course Section Description Instructor
Summer 2019
BUSN 5000 1P Business Staff
MNGT 5590 1P Organizational Behavior Leeson
MNGT 5670 1P Managerial Leadership Hand
ITM 5000 1P Information Technology Ponville
PROC 5840 1P Negotiations Nagy
PROC 5810 1P Acquisition Law Hertzog
SPSM 5900 1P Space Commercialization Hine
SPSM 5320 1P Remote Sensing & Geospatial Imagery Analysis Staff 
SPSM 5730 1P Space Operations Research George
SPSM 5650 1P Space Systems Contracting Bowman
CSSS 5140 1P Cybersecurity Strategic Operations Ryals
CSSS 5220 1P Cybersecurity Threat Detection Tirman
Fall 1 2019
BUSN 5600 1P Accounting Judd
PROC 5820 1P Operations Management  
BUSN 6110 1P Operations Project Management  
BUSN 5700 1P  Advances in Project Management  
BUSN 5760 1P  Applied Business Statistics  
SPSM 5950 1P  Space Systems Project Management  
SPSM 5800 1P  GPS Hand
MNGT 5650 1P  Management & Strategy  
ITM 5200 1P Procurement & Contract Management of IT Ponville
SPSM 5740 1P Space Systems Dynamics-Orbital Mechanics Hine
MNGT 6000 1P Practical Research for MGTL Trovas
ITM 6000 1P Practical Research for ITM Trovas
PROC 6000 1P Practical Research for PROC Trovas
SPSM 5330 1P Geospatial Information System Technologies  
CSSS 5130 1P Cybersecurity Intelligence/Counterintelligence  
CSSS 5230 1P Cybersecurity Forensics  
Fall 2, 2019
BUSN 6070 1P Management Accounting Leland
PROC 5810 1P Acquisition Law Palmen
SPSM 6000 1P Practical Research in Space Operations Hoffman
BUSN 5620 1P Current Economics Staff
HRMG 5000 1P Introduction to Human Resources Mason
PROC 5890 1P Government Procurement Law Huffman
SPSM 5600 1P Space Law and Policy Huffman
BUSN 6200 1P Strategy & Competition Nagy
HRDV 5630 1P Organizational Development & Change Dillon
ITM 5100 1P Information & Communication & System Networks Ponville
SPSM 5940 1P Space Decision Support Systems Hine
Spring 1, 2020
FINC 5000 1P Finance Van Buren
MNGT 5590  1P Organizational Behavior Fletcher
BUSN 5760 1P  Business Statistics Staff
BUSN 5100  1P  Introduction to Project Management Hoffman
PROC 5830  1P  Pricing Mason
PROC 5860 1P  Government Contracting Finnigsmier
SPSM 5000 1P  Space Environment Grimaldi
SPSM 5750 1P Space Systems Contracting Russell
SPSM 5300 1P Remote Sensing Hine
ITM 6000 1P Integrated Studies for IT Trovas
MNGT 6000 1P Integrated Studies for MGTL Trovas
PROC 6000 1P Integrated Studies for PROC Trovas
ITM 5000 1P Introduction to Information Technology Ponville
Spring 2, 2020
FINC 5880 1P Advance Corporate Finance Van Buren
MRKT 5000 1P Marketing Rochette
BUSN 6200 1P Strategy & Competition Rochette
BUSN 5200 1P Basic Finance for Managers Trovas
BUSN 5300 1P Project Procurement Hanasabadi
PROC 5870 1P Pricing and Contract Integration Finngsmier
ITM 5300 1P Procurement & Contract Management for IT Ponville
PROC 5000 1P Introduction to Procurement Acquisition Finnigsmier
SPSM 5770 1P Space Operations Management George
SPSM 5310 1P Remote Sensing & Geospatial Info Sys Applications Hine
SPSM 6000 1P Integrated Studies for Space Hoffman
SPSM 5760 1P Space Bio-Astronautics Hine