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Peterson Air Force Base Prospective Students

Opportunities for Future Students

Webster can personalize your education to meet your specific needs and schedule, so that getting your degree while working full-time or actively serving in the military is a smooth, positive experience that advances your career. Webster's agile, adaptable learning environment is designed for the flexibility that military service so often demands. Coursework and locations at Peterson AFB and Schriever AFB are designed to accommodate various scheduling needs.

For 40 years, Webster University and the U.S. Department of Defense have worked together to produce high-quality, cost-effective graduate programs at military installations and other locations across the country.

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In-Classroom Peterson Air Force Base Academic Programs Online Program Available
MS in Cybersecurity X
Certificate in Government Contracting X
MA in Information Technology Management X
MA in Management and Leadership X
MBA: Master of Business Administration X
MA in Organizational Development X
MA in Procurement and Acquisitions Management X
Certificate in Project Management X
Certificate in Remote Sensing/Geospatial Information Systems  
MA in Space Systems Operations Management X

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