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Tonight it is also my pleasure to introduce to you into a new way for us to say thank you to each and every one of you.  You are all obviously familiar with the Daniel Webster Society as our way to recognize those faithful donors that make gifts to us on an annual basis.  During this year off from this event, we and the Daniel Webster Society Board have been thinking about the fact that while Mr. Webster was a wonderful leader, he actually had no association with Webster University.  Not only that, but as Kara pointed out earlier, we are a Global university and Mr. Webster is not well known to any of our international alumni and friends. Tonight we build on the long and successful history of the Daniel Webster Society by introducing its new name and its new look: The Webster Society.  Let me be the first to welcome each and every one of you into The Webster Society. 

- President Beth Stroble addressing Daniel Webster Society dinner attendees, November 10, 2016

"Good evening and welcome to our 2016 Homecoming - Reunion and Family Weekend.  Paul and I are pleased to be with you as we recognize this evening's honorees and celebrate Webster University at 101 - with students - current and former - parents, family, and dear friends."

Homecoming address"Though we continue to evolve and change, at the very heart of Webster - are inquisitive students meeting with talented faculty - learning together, asking questions, understanding cultures, evaluating assumptions and arguments, communicating ideas and developing plans to solve problems.  It is the inspiration that happens - on both sides of learning - that has been the hallmark of Webster since its founding, and that continues today.  No matter if you walked at Commencement 50 years ago or last Spring...We are all Webster."

- President Beth Stroble in an excerpt from her remarks at the 2016 Homecoming Dinner and Dance

"I think those brave Sisters of Loretto would be proud of us and what we have become.  It's remarkable, really, when you look back and see how Webster has grown and transformed throughout the years from educating that first class of five students, to today's student body that now numbers around 17,000 students worldwide.""I would like to personally welcome our newest Golden Circle members - the Class of 1966.  From your first days on campus, to now, you have shared a very special bond that remains incredibly strong five decades later.  Reading through your bios, the common theme that came through was that all of your Webster memories, your fondest one is the close, lifelong friendships you made here."

Golden Circle 16

- President Beth Stroble addressing the Golden Circle inductees as part of the 2016 Homecoming festivities





"I am biased for working a plan, for getting things done. I am biased toward a belief that we cannot take time for granted and that the need to address any challenge is urgent. I am biased in favor of engaging the world rather than hiding from it—a bias affirmed and confirmed by my time at Webster. I am for Webster, all of Webster, first and foremost."  

-President Beth Stroble, addressing Webster University staff and faculty at the 2016 Fall Convocation

"I think it is important to acknowledge, as we gather today, that recent events, locally and globally, have certainly had the attention of this community. These events are a stark reminder that the work of creating and sustaining communities that embrace global diversity and that further peace and prosperity for all is far from finished."

-President Beth Stroble, opening the 2016 Spring Convocation

"My desire is we will meet the needs of very diverse populations of students, and that is adults, it's entering freshmen, it's working adults, it's veterans, and it's individuals who want to be globally competitive because that is a growing need. Opening up Webster students to the world and opening the world to Webster Students."

-President Beth Stroble, in an interview with STL LIVE TV about Webster University's future in the centennial year, July 9, 2015 (Video via STL TV)



"The most precious gifts are the ones you give away. Anything you hoard is really not yours. That’s what being a university president is all about. Webster was founded by women for women, before women had the right to vote.”

-President Beth Stroble, at the Walker Speaker Series Presents "Women in Leadership", April 1, 2015

Dr. Stroble moderates the panel with Maxine Clark, Build-A-Bear Workshop founder, Kathy Mazzarella, Graybar president and chief executive officer, (Video via the George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology)



"A mentor of mine, years ago, told me 'leaders invite others to the table.' What we know from books like Lean In, and so many others, is so often when young women are invited to the table they fail to say yes. So be ready to step up, not only, as President Obama says, to the table but at the head of the table."

-President Beth Stroble, about being named YWCA Leader of Distinction, December 12, 2014



"We will create a bridge between our storied heritage and our prosperous and thriving future. Welcome to Webster University's centennial year. Welcome to Webster University--your home." 

-President Beth Stroble, opening the celebrations for Webster's centennial, July 31, 2014.



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