4 Elements of Empowerment | Webster University

4 Elements of Empowerment

1. Education

This element educates women in basic confrontational principles, understanding reaction time, vulnerable target areas, personal weapons and the development of a survival mindset.  The more women learn about confrontational principles the les they fear confrontation.  Education also encompasses risk awareness, reduction, recognition, and avoidance techniques.

2. Dependency on Self

Teaching women to depend on themselves for protection, not their father, brother, boyfriend, husband, etc.  Personal weapons are the most accessible, they are by far the most dependable, if women can instill within themselves reliance on personal weapons, they will have little need for the previous “dependency based defense”.  Self reliance is an integral element of empowerment.

3. Making your own Decisions

A woman must learn to decide when to use or not use force in self-defense. Making decisions based on what is right for her at that point in time and realizing that she is responsible for her own actions or inactions. Not to second guess the decisions made at that time the main goal is to SURVIVE.

4. Self-Realization of your Physical Power

By creating the opportunity for a woman to exert her physical strength, you help her to explore the possibilities of that strength.  This is usually uncharted territory, because most women have not hit anything with 100% of force.