The Department of Public Safety utilizes a variety of procedures and equipment to service the university community. These include but are not limited to:

  • Parking lot and Building Patrol 24/7;
  • The use of video surveillance and card access;
  • Opening of campus each day and securing the campus each night;
  • Response to and investigation of all emergency situations;
  • Response to and investigation of all reported criminal activity and behavior;
  • Provide security at special campus events;
  • Escort service;
  • Parking Permit issuance and enforcement;
  • Lost/Found Property;
  • Provide educational materials and programs to students, faculty and staff; and
  • Any and all other security related functions as required.

Escort Service

The Department of Public Safety operates a Escort Service on campus for any member of the university community who requires an escort from dusk until dawn. This escort may consist of a vehicle or walking escort depending on the activities at the time of the call.

During busy periods, callers may experience a ten minute delay in the arrival of the escort. Escorts are provided for safety, not convenience.

To request an escort, dial extension 6900 (on campus) or 314-968-6900 if off campus. You may also use any one of the Emergency Call Box Telephones on campus to request an escort.

Emergency Call Boxes

There are emergency call boxes located throughout the campus which are a direct line to the Public Safety Dispatcher. When activated, these call boxes immediately notify the dispatcher of the caller's location. Once a call box is activated, public safety officers are immediately dispatched to that location regardless if there is any communication or not.