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Submitting Your Proposal

Thank you for your interest in the Research Across Disciplines (RAD) conference. Submissions describing undergraduate and graduate student-driven research, scholarly, or creative projects representing all fields and disciplines are welcome.

To be considered for presentation, student authors must submit a title of the work, as well as a 150-200 word abstract describing the project. A review committee will evaluate each abstract according to the extent to which the abstract addresses the following criteria:

  • Is the abstract clear, concise, well-developed, and polished?
  • Is the purpose (or hypothesis, if applicable) clearly stated?
  • Is the method (if applicable) clearly described?
  • Are the findings (if applicable) summarized?
  • Are the impacts or implications of the work indicated?

In addition to an abstract, student authors must also include the name of a Faculty Sponsor/Mentor, as well as the proposed format for the presentation (i.e., professional poster, oral presentation, or creative display). Note that students presenting remotely will need to select 'remote presentation' as the format.

All abstracts and associated content are reviewed and abstracts adhering to evaluation criteria will be accepted as-is. Student authors should work with their Faculty Sponsor/Mentor to craft a strong, well-written, abstract, as this is the first thing that people will see when they come across your work. Be sure that you carefully proofread your submission, as there will not be an opportunity to edit content.

Once you have developed all of the required content, please visit the portal below to submit your RAD abstract for review. Submissions are now open and has been extended through November 18, 2019. Please email Dr. Ravin Kodikara at if you have any questions about the submission process.

Submit Your Proposal