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December 2015

Order of Events

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

KEYS 4011 Crossing Borders: Language and Power Conference – Part I
10 am–noon, Webster Groves Room (Webster Hall, room 135)

Thursday, December 10, 2015

KEYS 4011 Crossing Borders: Language and Power Conference – Part II
10 am–noon, Emerson Conference Room (Emerson Library) 

Friday, December 11, 2015

PSYC 4825 Psychology Senior Thesis Presentations
9: am–11 am, EAB 133

EDUC 4650 Educational Studies Senior Overview Presentations
noon–3 pm, EAB 163

Saturday, December 12, 2015

RAD Registration
8:30 am–9 am, Edward Jones Commons

Breakfast Reception and Opening Remarks
9 am, Edwards Jones Commons 

Oral and Poster Presentation Sessions
9:15 am– 12:35pm
Oral Presentations, Room 263
Poster Presentations, Edward Jones Commons


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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

KEYS 4011 Crossing Borders: Language and Power Conference – Part I
10 am – noon, Webster Groves Room (Webster Hall, room 135)

Title Presenter Description University
Translating across Mediums: Literature into Film Madelynn Bandowski Literature is often the source for visual adaptations, but oftentimes there are many problems that come about when trying to adapt literary works into film such as betrayal to the original, lack of originality, and iconophobia. How you translate from text to image and the audience it is for are key to making it successful. Webster University
The Impactful English Language Emmalee Cabutti An overview of the impact English as language has on people and societies around the world. Webster University
Drawing the Line on Torture Olivia Chiapetto To define torture comes easy but when needing to discuss legal notion of torture, we have to identify international definitions first. Do the present definitions get by or will torture warrants need to be re-defined? Webster University
Linguistic Monarchy: France’s Attempts at Promoting a Monolingual State Mallory Engelhardt This presentation will focus on the French government’s current and historical attempts to promote and maintain a strictly monolingual state through legislative actions, cultural incentives, and societal pressure. Webster University
Language and Genocide: The Dehumanizing Power of Language Monica Henson This paper aims to look at the systematic way dehumanizing language has been used to commit genocides around the world. Webster University
Rape Culture and Defining Consent: A Growing Concern Elizabeth Johnston The focus of this article is to investigate the issues that have risen due to these various definitions from state legislation to campus life as well as highlight that simple wording can have a huge influence on the policies that are made.  

Thursday, December 10, 2015

KEYS 4011 Crossing Borders: Language and Power Conference – Part II
10 am –noon, Emerson Conference Room (Emerson Library)

Title Presenter Description University
Defining Mental Illness  Jessica Meyer Mental illness can be a difficult thing to define. There are many factors to take into account when creating this definition, such as cultural norms, language differences, the time period, and translation/interpreting. Webster University  
The Value of Arcane and Indecipherable Texts  Brady Patullo The aim of this paper and presentation is to enlighten others on the more esoteric and elusive texts from centuries past. Webster University  
Language Holds the Powers of its Home Countries  Ramon Perez In this paper I show how language holds power through its speaking countries that back up specific languages. Webster University  
Censorship and the Impact it has on Nations  Andrew Poe An in-depth look at censorship in three countries and how censorship varies in each. Webster University  
Anti-Hispanic Sentiment and United States Language Policy  Christina Robinson Due to the increasing number of Spanish-speakers in America, the role of English in America has become a more popular debate in political circles. The increase in immigration, particularly from Mexico, contributes to the increasing Anti-Hispanic tendencies in American language policy. Webster University  
Communication Versus Prestige: a Balanced Approach to French-Language Anglicisms
Julie Shriver In this paper I will argue that the adoption of words from one language to another, specifically English to French and vice versa, can help languages evolve more effective, culturally-conscious ways of expressing ideas. Webster University  

Who am I? Bilingual Identity and the Latina Author Laura Steele This work will be a look into bilingual identity and the manner in which authors choose to express themselves when more than one language is at their disposal. In particular, it will examine the writings of Latin American women writers by focusing on the lives and works of three of them in particular. Webster University  


Friday, December 11, 2015

PSYC 4825 Psychology Senior Thesis Presentations
9 am–11 am, EAB 133

Title Presenter Description University
Social Determinants of Health Disparities  Breanna Scott The purpose of this study is to determine if certain personal moderators (such as grit and self-control) serve as protective or risk factors against health disparities when an emerging adult experiences stress. Webster University  
Gender Differences in Executive Decision Making Harris Irma Pindzo Kulovac The purpose of this research study is to examine if time pressure will impact decision making for males and females. Webster University  
The Relationship Between Parenting Style and Intrinsic/Extrinsic Motivation  Shelby Hughs The authoritative parenting style has been linked to intrinsic motivation to learn in children. The present study examines the relationship between parenting style and academic motivation in college students. Webster University  
The Effect of Physical Discomfort on Working Memory  Justin Geringer This study looks at the connection between physical stress and working memory to see if there is a similarity to how physical stress affects long term memory. Webster University  
Studying the Effectiveness of Virtual Manipulatives on the Math Achievement of 5th Graders  Kaitlyn Brame The stereotype exists assumes that boys outperform girls in specific context areas such as math. This stereotype is backed up with facts showing that more boys continue on in educational fields that have higher context areas in math. The goal of the present study is to gather sufficient information to prove there is or is not a difference in math scores between genders. Webster University  
Grief, Support, and Perceived Control for College Students Cydney Lucio The purpose of the present study is to aid in peoples’ understanding of death, and how it influences their perspectives on life and their social support circles.  Webster University  


EDUC 4650 Educational Studies Senior Overview Presentations
Noon–3 pm, EAB 163

Title Presenter Description University
Making a Difference with Adults Who Have Disabilities Kayla Wilson This presentation explores the impact of adults with and without disabilities living and working together in a planned community. Webster University  
College Counseling for High School Students  Amanda Beals Research shows that a growing number of students are ill prepared for college. This presentation will discuss a variety of ways to better prepare students for college. Webster University  
Saving the World with Outdoor Education  Brittany Mimms This presentation will address nature’s ability to promote overall well-being and the opportunity that education provides to instill pro-environment education, in a time when humans are becoming increasingly disconnected for nature. Webster University  
The Effects of a Tight Market, Employee Motivation and Mobility and their Relationship to Turnover Rates   Taylor Beyers This session will explore the generational gap and how acknowledging, accepting, and adapting to Millennials will benefit the turnover rates of companies. Webster University  
Real World Connections Through Outdoor Education   Layla Funke A review of the the various aspects of outdoor education as they apply to the building of real world connections. Webster University  
Tips on Marketing the Endangered Wolf Center  Cindy Garlik An investigation of methods to promote donations and increase volunteer participation at a non-profit conservation center. Webster University  

Attraction and Retention of Quality Home Healthcare Workers  Destiny Brown Due to low wages and a lack of healthcare benefits, a shortage of workers exists in this fast growing industry. This session highlights ways to attract and retain more people to the industry. Webster University  
Game On! Keeping America’s Youth Involved in Sports  Cory Soble This session describes how a positive sporting environment will attract more students to participate in sports on a long-time basis. Webster University  
The Relationship Between Literacy Proficiency and Teenage Pregnancy Rates  Taresa Robinson This session explores if increased literacy training with teenage girls can reduce pregnancy rates. Webster University  
The Effects of Adolescent Sports on the Social Development of Students   Rachel Franck An analysis and discussion of the effects of adolescent sports on students’ social development. Including, but not limited to prosocial peer relationships, student resiliency, student self-esteem, and the social opportunities adolescent sports provide students. Webster University  


Saturday, December 12, 2015

Oral Presentation Session 1
9:15 am–10:35 am, EAB 263

Title Presenter Description University
Brominated Benzenes as Templates for [2+2] Cycloaddition Reaction in the Organic Solid State Cristian Santana We have investigated the ability of various brominated benzenes to act as templates to form photoreactive materials. Webster University  
Directional Burrowing by the Western Harvester Ant is Inhibited by Roundup® Herbicide  Joseph Elfrink We find that when given the choice between horizontal vs. vertical planes relative to the earth’s gravity, P. occidentalis ants prefer to burrow in the horizontal space, and that the Roundup® herbicide effectively inhibits activity in both orientations. Webster University  
Do Increased Interleukin-6 Levels Explain Lidocaine's Lack of Efficacy in Persons With Red Hair? Gary Hubbard, Angela Delaria Red-haired people are known to be difficult to clinically manage regarding pain due to unexpected responses to volatile agents, narcotics, and local anesthetic requirements. Little objective research is available to link the relationship between red hair, the phenotype for the mutant melanocortin-1-receptor gene, and anesthetic requirements. As such, a design was developed to explore the effects of inflammation and lidocaine on mouse melanocytes. Webster University  
Why AT&T Bundles Their Services? A Review of the Literature    Deaz Petty This paper will focus on why AT&T bundles their products. Webster University  


Poster Presentation Session
10:35 am–11:35 am, Edward Jones Commons

Title Presenter Description University
Assessing the anti-predator effects of capsaicin on songbird nest depredation Tiffany Dang Capsaicin is sold commercially as a small mammal deterrent (e.g. for crops), but little empirical evidence exists for its efficacy in deterring nest predators. We used artificial nests, domesticated fowl eggs and liquid capsaicin to investigate the effects of capsaicin on nest depredation. Maryville University   
Assessing the prevalence and fitness consequences of Bacillus feather bacteria in songbirds Joe Hoffman With our research, we attempted to evaluate the prevalence and phylogenetic relationships among Bacillus sp. occurring on several bird species native to St. Louis, Missouri (USA). In addition, we examined potential fitness consequences by evaluating spectral reflectance of feathers affected and unaffected by bacteria. Maryville University     
Capsaicin accelerates growth rate in Servomyces cerevisiae  Megan Graves Capsaicin is a secondary compound produced by Capsicum peppers that may play a role in deterring mammalian herbivores and/or may deter microbial pathogens. We investigated the potential for capsaicin to inhibit the growth of fungi by measuring its effects on the growth rate of brewer’s yeast (Servomyces cerevisiae) at various temperatures. Maryville University    
Gold Nanoparticles: Synthesis and Spectroscopic Analysis    Emily Butris Gold nanoparticles (GNP) are becoming increasingly popular in the medical field, especially with gene therapy. We are looking at how Surface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) gold nanoparticles can be used to track drug diffusion rates in cells. Maryville University     
Molecular Analysis of Claudin-7 Expression in HEK 293T Cells  Adam Brazzle The main objective of this portion of research is to find the reference point of protein production via measurements of cell growth and morphology as well as concentration of mRNA coding for Claudin-7, a cell adhesion molecule (CAM) in cancer cell lines that has been attributed to progressing metastasis. Maryville University     
A comparison of pollination systems of Oenothera nealleyi in pre- and post-drought years  Grant Czapla In this study we focus on the pollination systems of O. nealleyi in pre (2009) and post (2015) drought years. Maryville University   

Analysis of molecular pathways during retinal proliferation in chicken Timothy Schultz Cell cycle regulators that are possibly conserved between model organisms will be evaluated in the developing chicken retina. 

Maryville University    
Anthocyanin Color Perception and Degradation of Red Cabbage Genotypes Emma Weidman This study aimed to evaluate the pigment perception and degradation in 88 different genotypes of juvenile red cabbage at pH2 and pH7. Webster University    
The Reproductive Biology and Breeding System of Aquilegia Canadensis Hannah Best Aquilegia canadensis is a native Missouri flower that is a model organism for studying breeding and reproductive systems of flowers. The purpose of this study was to determine whether A. canadensis experiences pollen limitation, inbreeding depression, or an inability to set a successful amount of seed. Maryville University     
A comparison of current and historical reproductive biology in Tradescantia ohiensis between prairie and forest populations Adam Rork In this study, we examine the effects of climate change on the phenology of a native Missouri species, Tradescantia ohiensis, between forest and prairie populations. Maryville University    

Reproductive biology and pollen limitation in Monarda bradburiana Sakara Alejo This study compares the reproductive success of different sources of pollen for Monarda bradburiana and determines if the species experienced pollen limitation between the years 2013 and 2015 at Shaw Nature Reserve in Grey Summit Missouri. Maryville University   
The impact of plant height on the reproductive success of Campanula americana in bluff and wetland populations Adam Wilson An increase in plant height could result in an increase in pollination which could increase the reproductive success of a plant. In this study we examine how height may impact the pollination system of Campanula americana in bluff and wetland habitats. Maryville University   
A Comparative Study of morphology and pollination of Veronicastrum Virginicum in prairie and wetland habitats  Olivia Shannon Differences in habitat can determine differences in morphology of populations of a species. Differences in morphology can lead to changes in main pollination system. In this study, we compare both the morphology and pollination systems of a Missouri native flower, Veronicastrum virginicum, which grows in both prairie and wetland habitats. Maryville University   
Temperature Regulation of Capsule and Biofilm Development in Klebsiella pneumoniae Rebecca Girresch Klebsiella pneumoniae is a pathogenic bacterium commonly found in clinical settings. With growing concern over antibiotic resistance, research into the development and transmission of pathogenic organisms is critical. This study aimed to compare growth of capsule and biofilm of Klebsiella pneumoniae at 26 and 37 degrees Celsius. Maryville University
Pollinator patterns affecting seed set in Baptisia alba  Emily Shipley The flowering structure of a plant may impact the quality of the seed set if the pollinator has a particular pollination pattern. In this study, we examine how the foraging patterns of the current pollinators impact the reproductive success of Baptisia alba at Shaw Nature Reserve. Maryville University
Comparisons of Leadership Styles Kertonnia Petty-Miliken This paper will discuss three leadership styles. The three leadership styles which will be discussed are Laissez-Faire Leadership, Democratic Leadership, and Autocratic Leadership. Lindenwood University


Oral Presentation Session 2
11:35 am–12:35 pm, EAB 263

Title Presenter Description University
Invisible Man Speaks in Ferguson  Natalie Boesch This essay examines the unrest in Ferguson and race relations in the United States through the lens of Ralph Ellison’s novel Invisible Man. It explores issues such as biased media coverage, the importance of history, colorblindness, and language in an attempt to illustrate the lasting effects of racism. Webster University  
Halloween: Non-normative modes of gender, sex, and identity  Natalie Vega In this paper, I study how Halloween has become a space for people to perform representations of non-normative modes of gender, sex, and sexuality through the medium of costumes and role-playing. Webster University  
Isn’t education revolting?: A mixed methods study of the impact of revolutions on education   Gareth Anderson Revolutions would seem to be inherently chaotic, causing only problems for social institutions. However, this research looks into whether or not revolutions have any beneficial effect on the educational budgets and school attendance rates in the state in which they occur. Webster University