San Antonio Metro: Fall 1 2019 Schedule | Webster University

San Antonio Metro: Fall 1 2019 Schedule

August 17 through October 18, 2019

Course Section Description Instructor Day
HLTH 6000 SA 8/24 - 10/12/19  Integrated Studies in Health Administration (Web Net+ w/Myrtle Beach)  Prof. Aseniah Wallace Saturday
BUSN 5620 SA Current Economic Analysis  Prof. Chris Pate Saturday
BUSN 5000 SA Business Prof. Fred Barrera Saturday
HLTH 5120 SA Issues in Health Policy (Web Net+ w/Orlando, FL) Prof. Abeer Alamri Monday
PROC 6000 SA Integrated Studies in Procurement & Acquisition Management  Prof. Noni Cabana Monday 
PROC 5000 SA Procurement & Acquisitions Management  Prof. Marilyn Ward  Monday
MNGT 5590 SA Organizational Behavior (WebNet+ w/Ft. Bliss) Prof. Melissa Carrillo Monday 
BUSN 6120 SA Managerial Economics Prof. John Hinrichs Tuesday
HRMG 5920 SA Compensation (WebNet+ w/Memphis) Prof. William Byrd Tuesday
BUSN 6070 SA Management Accounting (WebNet+ w/Columbia SC) Prof. Ernest Ledbetter Wednesday
BUSN 6200 SA Strategy & Competition   Prof. Richard Bunch Wednesday 
HRMG 5700  SA Employment Law (WebNet+ w/RAFB) Prof. Lisa Smith Wednesday
MNGT 5670 SA Managerial Leadership Prof. Cheryl Washington Wednesday
COUN 5050 SA  Human Growth & Development (WebNet + w/Ft. Bliss) Prof. Kathryn Brennan Wednesday
COUN 5140 SA Psychopharmocology (WebNet + w/Ft. Bliss) Prof. Jose Valenzuela  Wednesday
COUN 5600 SA Techniques of Group Counseling Prof. Jane Madison Wednesday
COUN 6500 SA Internship Prof. Samuel Garcia Wednesday

  Schedule is subject to change