Fall 1, 2018 | Webster University

Fall 1, 2018

August 20 through October 19, 2018

Course Section Description Instructor Day
BUSN 5000 MC Business (WebNet+) M. Hall Sat. 9:30 a.m.
BUSN 6120 MC Managerial Economics J. Hinrichs Sat. 8 a.m. 
BUSN 5100 MC Intro to Project Management  S. Cox Monday 
FINC 5000 MC Finance  C. Garcia  Sat. 1 p.m.
HRMG 5000 MC Managing Human Resources  M. Schulte Tuesday 
HRDV 5630 MC Organizational Development & Change A. Silva Wednesday 
PROC 5840 MC Negotiations N. Cabana Monday 
PROC 5870 MC Pricing and Contract Integration S. Garcia Wednesday 
PROC 6000 MC Integrated Studies in PROC CANX  
COUN 5050 MC Human Growth & Development (WebNet+) C. Moltane Monday
COUN 5150 MC Psychopathology (WebNet+)  J. Valenzuela Wednesday 
COUN 5540 MC Family Systems Theory M. Fleming Tuesday
COUN 6100 & 6200 MC Counseling Practicum M. Fleming Thursday
COUN 6500 MC Internship  M. Fleming Thursday

  Schedule is subject to change                                                         Current as of Jul 31, 2018