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Undergraduate Studies: George Herbert Walker School of Business and Technology

Webster University–San Antonio anticipates the need for qualified instructors to join its adjunct faculty to teach undergraduate courses. Candidates must have an advanced degree in the discipline and relevant teaching and professional experience. Applicants without a doctorate level degree should have substantial, documented, successful teaching experience in the course to be taught and at least five years of professional experience in the field.

Webster University is currently accepting applications in the George Herbert Walker School of Business and Technology for:

BS in Business Administration
College Algebra MATH 1430
Accounting (Financial) ACCT 2010
Accounting (Managerial) ACCT 2025
Statistics BUSN 2750
Economics (Macro) ECON 2030
Economics (Micro) ECON 2020
Finance FINC 3210
Information Analysis CSIS 3410
Business Law MNGT 3280
 Marketing MNGT 3500
 Organizational Behavior              MNGT 3450
 Operations Management BUSN 4110


BA in Management
Management  Theory & Practice MNGT 2100
Human Resources Management MNGT 3400


Electives (Business Administration and Management)
 Issues in Business  BUSN 3100
 Entrepreneurial Management  BUSN 3710
 Business Ethics  BUNS4300
 Supervisory Management  MNGT 2400
 Total Quality Management  MNGT 3200
 Stress Management  MNGT 3440
 Public Relations  MNGT 3550
 International Economic Integration  INTL 3330
 Introduction to Literature  ENGL 1030
 Prejudice and Discrimination  HRTS 3210
 Topics in Music  MUSC 1070
 Informal Logic  PHIL 2010
 Writing in the Workplace  WRIT 2090
 Topics in Professional Writing WRIT 4000



Candidates must meet all applicable University criteria as well as the qualification standards defined by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) to be considered Doctorally Qualified or Professionally Qualified. Generally, to be considered doctorally qualified a faculty member must (1) hold a doctorate in business with graduate level major, minor, or concentration in the area of teaching responsibility; (2) hold a Juris Doctor (JD) and teach business law, legal environment of business or other area with predominantly legal content; or, (3) hold an out-of-field doctorate, and demonstrate content area knowledge by evidence of 15 hours of graduate course work in the field. Generally, to be considered professionally qualified a faculty member must (1) hold a Master's degree in a business-related field and professional certification in the area of teaching responsibility; (2) hold a Master's degree and have extensive and substantial documented successful teaching experience in the area of assigned teaching responsibilities, and demonstrate involvement in meaningful research and/or programs for the enhancement of pedagogical skills; or, (3) hold a Master's degree and have five or more years of professional and management experience in work directly related to assigned teaching responsibilities. Other Webster University and ACBSP requirements, terms and conditions may apply.

To apply, send a curriculum vitae and transcripts to 

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