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Graduate Studies: College of Arts & Sciences

Webster University-San Antonio is continuously seeking qualified instructors to join its adjunct faculty to teach graduate-level courses in Counseling with an Emphasis in Community Counseling and anticipates the need for qualified instructors to teach Counseling with an Emphasis in Professional Mental Health Counseling.

Webster University is currently accepting applications in the School of Arts and Sciences for:

Emphasis in Community Counseling
Foundations of Counseling: The Helping Relationship COUN 5020
 Human Growth and Development COUN 5050
 Social and Cultural Foundations of Counseling COUN 5100
 Theories of Counseling COUN 5200
 Assessment COUN 5220
 Techniques of Group Counseling COUN 5600
 Lifestyle and Career Development COUN 5700
 Professional Orientation and Ethical Practice COUN 5800
 Research & Program Evaluations COUN 5850


Emphasis in Professional Mental Health Counseling (Anticipated)
Psychopharmacology COUN 5140
 Psychopathology                                                               COUN 5150
 Psychodiagnostics COUN 5230
 Substance Abuse Counseling COUN 5630


Human Sexuality COUN 5540
 Techniques in Crisis Intervention COUN 5620
 Marriage and Family Counseling                                  COUN 5640
Counseling of Children COUN 5670
Foundations of Psychotramuatology COUN 5925


Academic Requirements: Minimum: Master's Degree. Preferred: Doctorate. Must be licensed as a professional counselor, marriage and family, psychologist, or social worker. Licensed Master's or Doctoral level mental health practitioners who have made outstanding contributions or who have received recognition from professional peers may be given particular attention. Knowledge of and interest applicable to the content of course(s) is essential.

Teaching Experience: Minimum: Prior teaching. Preferred: Applicant will have taught university graduate level courses in a mental health discipline. Instructors who have experience in leading workshops, continuing education, or seminars applicable to the content of the course(s) and may be considered although they may not have taught graduate level university courses. This also applies to applicants who have recognition through research and/or publications relative to the applicable course(s) of study.

Work Experience: Minimum: Have license to practice mental health counseling. Preferred: Five or more years in the practice of mental health counseling, supervision, or administration. Must not have any unresolved ethical complaints pending. Applicant must have employment other than teaching for Webster University.

To apply, send a curriculum vitae and transcripts to

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