Tuition and Fees

Military In-Class Rate (Fall 1 & 2, 2013) $ 340 per credit hour X 3 = $1,020 per class

The military in-class rate applies to: Active Duty Military Members and their Spouses and Family Members; Reservists; National Guard Members; Federal Civil Service Employees including Non-Appropriated Fund Employees; Federal Contract Employees; Retired Military Members and their Spouses; and Military Veterans.

Non Military In-Class Rate                              
$ 455 per credit hour X 3 = $ 1,365 per class

The non-military rate applies to everyone not included in the military rate above

Military Online Rate                                       
$ 470 per credit hour X 3 = $ 1,410 per class

The military online rate applies only to Active Duty Military Members.

Non Military Online Rate                                
$ 715 per credit hour X 3 = $ 2,145 per class

The non-military online rate applies to everyone not considered Active Duty Military.

Application Fee  

(One time only, Non-refundable)

Non Degree Seeking Student Application Fee    

(One time only, Non-refundable)

Graduation Fee                                                

(Per Graduation)

Payment Options and Codes
Tuition Assistance (paid by the military or a government agency) TA
Veteran's Educational Benefits VA
Veteran's Vocational Rehab program VR
Employer Reimbursement ER
Direct Billing to a 3rd party (Employer) DB
Financial Aid (Stafford Loans) FA
Deferred Payment Plan AES-TM
Paid by Student PD

Refunds: Students are financially responsible for their tuition according to the following schedule. Students can “Drop” a class during the first two weeks of class. In Weeks 3 through Week 6 students may “Withdraw” with a “W” grade. Students who Withdraw after the Week 6 will receive the grade they have earned in that class.

Date Refund
Week 1 and 2 (drop) 100%
Week 3 (withdraw) 50%
Week 4 (withdraw) 25%
Week 5-6 (withdraw)

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