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Incident Information

Know Your Options

Reporting and Confidentially Disclosing Sexual Assault and Other Sexual Offenses:

Webster University encourages those who have experienced sexual assault or other sexual offenses to talk to somebody about what happened – so that these individuals can get the support they need, and so Webster University can respond appropriately.

Different employees on campus have different abilities to maintain a reporting party’s confidentiality. Some are required to maintain near complete confidentiality; talking to them is sometimes called a “privileged communication.”

Some employees are required to report all the details of an incident (including the identities of both the reporting party and responding party) to the Title IX Coordinator or a Deputy Title IX Coordinator. A report to these employees (called “responsible employees”) constitutes a report to the University – and generally obligates Webster University to investigate the incident and take appropriate steps to address the situation.

Policy on Sexual Assault, Harassment, and Other Sexual Offenses » 

Privileged and Confidential Communications - Reporting to Professional and Pastoral Counselors:

Professional, licensed counselors and pastoral counselors who provide mental-health counseling to members of the university community (and including those who act in that role under the supervision of a licensed counselor) are not required to report any information about an incident to the Title IX Coordinator without a reporting party’s permission.

Following is the contact information for these individuals:

Samantha Sipple, Sexual Offense Advocate
Assistant Director of Counseling 

Patrick Stack 
Director of Counseling

International students and U.S. citizens living abroad to U.S. Campus 
Phone: international access code+314-968-7030 or international access code + 314-252-8304

A reporting party who speaks to a professional or non-professional counselor or advocate of the Office of Counseling must understand that, if the reporting party does not permit the professional or non-professional counselor to report the incident to a Title IX Coordinator, Webster University will be unable to conduct an investigation into the particular incident or pursue disciplinary action against the alleged perpetrator.

Even so, these counselors and advocates will still assist the reporting party in receiving other necessary protection and support, such as reporting party advocacy, academic support or accommodations, disability, health or mental health services, and changes to living, working or course schedules.

A reporting party who at first requests confidentiality may later decide to file a complaint with the university or report the incident to local law enforcement, and thus have the incident fully investigated. These counselors and advocates will provide the reporting party with assistance if the reporting party wishes to do so.

Off-campus counselors, advocates and health care providers:

Off-campus counselors, advocates, and health care providers will also generally maintain confidentiality and not share information with Webster University unless the reporting party requests the disclosure and signs a consent or waiver form.

NOTE: While off-campus counselors and advocates may maintain a reporting party’s confidentiality vis-à-vis the University, they may have reporting or other obligations under federal and/or state law or the laws of the country in which the incident occurred.

Reporting to “Responsible Employees”:

A “responsible employee” is a University employee who has the duty to report incidents of sexual violence or other student misconduct, or who a student could reasonably believe has this authority or duty.

  • Any member of the University’s administrative and academic leadership
  • Student Affairs staff, except licensed counselors
  • Coaches and athletic department staff
  • Resident Assistants (RA’s), Orientation Leaders (OL’s), and Connection Leaders
  • Supervisors of student employees
  • Public Safety officers
  • Extended campus directors and extended campus staff
  • All Faculty – full-time and adjunct
  • Academic advisors and student support services staff
  • Title IX Coordinator and Deputy Title IX Coordinators

Kimberley Pert
Interim Head of Webster University's Title IX Office
470 E. Lockwood Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63119

When a reporting party tells a responsible employee about an incident of sexual violence, the reporting party has the right to expect Webster University to take immediate and appropriate steps to investigate what happened and to resolve the matter promptly and equitably.

Reporting to the Police:


  • Dial 911
  • Webster University Public Safety: 314-968-6911