About the SGA


Mission Statement: "We the Students of Webster University, in order to improve the quality of student life, establish this Constitution of the Student Government Association of Webster University. In all pursuits the Student Government Association will strive to preserve a  meeting ground of peace and education in which all may prosper."


Webster University Student Government Association – or SGA – is the student governing organization, which sponsors and supports student activities on the campus. It is the main vehicle for student input into activities of the University and policies affecting student life. SGA coordinates and allocates a budget in excess of $100,000 partially funded by the Student Activity Fee, charters new student organizations, and recommends changes and improvements to the University. All Webster University students are members of SGA upon registration. The SGA officers and senators are elected as representatives by the student body; they are advised by the Director of Student Engagement and the Dean of Students.

How We Work

Executive Board: The executive board consists of 7 elected student officials that include the President, the Vice President, Comptroller, Sergeant at Arms, Student Organization Liaison, and Director of Communications. Each board member has a specialized role in leading and organizing SGA while serving as the leaders and chairs for the meetings, committees, and student body requests.

Senate: The Senate consists of 18 elected members, 2 Senators from each Webster school, 2 Graduate Senators, and Four Senators At-Large. The Senate is tasked with connecting and communicating with the Deans and students of the school or position they represent. The Senate are also members of SGA Committees and vote for financial decisions in regards to student organizations.   

Committees: The SGA committees are a combination of select executive board members and senators that meet regularly to discuss and develop ideas and make decisions based on Webster Students' needs and concerns. See Committees page to learn more about the current committees.


Contact Us

    • Office of Student Engagement University Center                             470 East Lockwood                   Saint Louis, MO 63119                      314-246-7105