Every member of SGA serves on at least one internal committee and two external committees. Click on the links below for more information.

Executive Board

• President - Vasif Durarbayli
• Vice President - Heather Hamilton
• Comptroller - Shiloh Bradley
• Ambassador for Student Inclusion - Zoe Burton
• Secretary - Emily Mertz
• Sergeant at Arms - Scott Lunte
• Student Organization Liasion - Becca Miller

Financial Committees

Allocation Committee
• Chair - Vasif Durarbayli

Budget Committee

Chair - Shiloh Bradley

Programming Pool
• Chair - Shikha Ralleigh

Student Grant Fund
• Chair - Heather Hamilton

Diversity and Inclusion
• Chair - Zoe Burton 

Internal Committees

Constitution Committee
• Chair - Scott Lunte

Communications Committee
• Chair - Emily Mertz

Delegate's Agenda Committee
• Chair - N/A 

Community Engagement Committee
• Chair - N/A

External Committees

Safety & Accessibility

Sustainability Coalition

Commuter Council

Wellness Committee

Webster Works Worldwide Committee


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