Internal Committees


Constitution Committee
Chaired by the Secretary
Members: Nikki Griffin, Michael Grosch, Alex Bonney
The Constitution Committee reviews the SGA constitution once per semester and proposes any changes that need to be made. Members of this committee are expected to have a good understanding of the constitution and write proposed changes for consideration by the general body. Note: This committee meets once per semester and on an as-needed basis.

Communications Committee
Chaired by the Director of Communications
Members: Josh Ritchey, Gaby Deimeke, Yoanna Todorova
The Communications Committee is charged with communicating SGA initiatives to student organizations and other external actors. They are also responsible for SGA marketing initiatives.

Delegate's Agenda Committee
Members: Michael Grosch, Katie Maxwell, Alex Bonney, Jacob Walker, Lukumanu Sodamade
This committee is responsible for following up with administration on issues from previous Delegate's Agendas. This can include projects like providing student input on the new Webster mobile app, reviewing plans for the natural area outside Sverdrup, lobbying administrators to hold a December graduation ceremony, etc.

Ad Hoc Committee on Financial Aid
Members: Chris Hawk, Jacob Walker
This committee is responsible for gathering student concerns and issues with the Financial Aid Department. They have established a working relationship with the new financial aid director and will continue to work with him as issues arise.

Ad Hoc Community Engagement Committee
Members: Jacob Walker, Michael Grosch, Katie Maxwell, Alex Bonney, Syreel Mishra, Gaby Deimeke, Matt Proscino, Kara Paar, Chandler Waite
This committee is responsible for promoting interaction with the Webster Groves community and representing student interests to the Webster Groves City Council. Members of this committee attend Webster Groves City Council meetings on the first and third Tuesdays of the month and are currently lobbying for a crosswalk between the parking garage and the EAB.

Ad Hoc Committee for the Webster Social Choice Fund
Members: Jon Strauser, Nikki Griffin
In Fall 2013, some members of this committee will be appointed to the board of the Webster Social Choice Fund. The WSCF is a green revolving loan fund that pays for sustainability projects on campus and grows through the savings from those projects. Members will also take part in an alumni donation campaign to gain the startup capital for the WSCF.

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