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Executive Board

President - Vasif Durarbayli:

Vice-President - Zoe Burton:

Comptroller - Shiloh Bradley:

Secretary - David Gunderson:

Ambassador for Student Inclusion - Vladimir Radojkovic:

Sergeant-At-Arms - Scott Lunte:

Student Organization Liaison - Aathif Shamail:


Graduate Senators - Dipti Pathre & Lydia Apriliani:

College of Arts and Sciences Senators - Saneel Sharma and Kaleb Gosdin:

School of Education Senators - Katie Stevens and John Wallis:

GHW School of Business and Technology Senators - Maria Gunawan and Samih Abdeljabbar:

LG College of Fine Arts Senators - VACANT POSITIONS (2):

School of Communications Senators - Kayla Shepperd and VACANT POSITION:

At-Large Senators - Michael Thomas, Kezia Onsang, Michael Langston and VACANT POSITION:


Director of Student Engagement, Advisor - Jennifer Stewart:

Associate Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Advisor - John Buck

Office Location

Please feel free to stop by the SGA office to speak with a representative (when available). Our office is located in the University Center at Webster University, across from Sunnen Lounge.




Contact Us

  • Student Government Association
  • University Center
  • 175 Edgar Rd.
  • St. Louis, MO 63119
  • 314-246-7666